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Compression T-Shirt

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I have two Columbia T-shirts that are nylon and spandex. They are very slippery. They are comfortable except a little tight in the pit. Would they make a good base layer? How does nylon handle moisture? I know there are some high tech cold weather compression t-shirts. Are they warm? Are they worth their HIGH price?
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id say yes. I have 2 base layers a nike underarmor rip off and an arcteryx rho zip ( SAC). Havent used the rho yet, but it feels like it will do the trick. Depends on how tostey you like to be, i sweat alot, even when its -20 out, so i need the thinner stuff. They work well for me
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Most discuss the Under Armour cold gear compression shirts. They are pricey but others make similar stuff for less- Champion, Reebock, Adidas, even Starter all have some athletic gear type of base layers. Not all are marked specifically for cold weather. I usually check Kohls, TJ Maxx or Marshals, and Target (for the Champion stuff) on sale. Take a look at the tag on your stuff and see if the material and percentage mix is the same or similar to others.

You can search the Kohl's web site (for sale deals) or similar the manufacturers web sites- Adidas and Reebock, etc. for some of the items under Athletic Apparel (you find now it is the summer stuff short sleeve items mostly at this time of year)
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just to clarify, mine is not cold gear, just a standard baselayer youd wear when its 45 out and playing a sport
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I would say that they would make a very good base layer and would be warm because they wick the perspiration away from the body to the mid layer. Staying dry has more to do with staying warm than bulking up in heavy layers that retain moisture.
I have not used compression Ts for skiing but do use them as my base layer under my hockey equipment. For skiing I peronally prefer a looser fit.
I do, however, wear compression shorts as my bottom base layer and they work extremelly well with varying weights of fleece pants and my pant shell. For the tops I use light-weight loose fitting short or long sleeve polyester performance Ts that I get at Target or some other department store. I then use either a light or medium weight fleece sweater and either a hard or soft shell depending on conditions. That is it. Even in zero degree weather, I am never cold or damp like the long ago days when I used to wear cotton T-shirts and wool sweaters.
If I had a cold weather specific base layer, like Under Armour, I would probably only wear it as a single layer combined with a soft shell on milder days.
You do not need the top of the line Nike and Under Armour base gear for it to work as intended. I have both and there is no difference except for the price.
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