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Scott P4

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Hi all,
I just picked up a pair of Scott p4's for the deep days! they are 134-108-128 @ 181cm. They have a pretty quick radius at that - 21. Mounted them with the white 4frnt bindings that go up a 14din. I super excited to ski these, anyone skied them yet?
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I have my eyes on these, hoping to find them in the spring for cheap somewhere.

Can you check the dimensions again? The Scott website says 181 is 134-104-123. When I looked at a pair in the shop I recall 137-107-??? in the 181. (It looks like they've updated the website now, instead of having the dimensions listed for each and every length, they only have them for 1 length). I do remember the 191's listed at 138-108-127, as it says on backcountry.com.

Can you take a picture of the dimensions listed on the ski, and maybe even measure them yourself to compare? I'm very curious about what the actual dimensions are, now that I've seen 3 different sets listed.

Perhaps they stamp the dimensions of each individual ski since there can be a few mm's difference...

Definately look like sweet skis, I'd love it if you could do a detailed consumer gear review here to see what you think. Search TGR for all of my posts (same name, I don't have many) and you'll find a couple threads on them with a few impressions. Some say it's a noodle, some say they're sweet.

Other neat thing I've noticed with them is that the topsheets are different between 181-191. The graphics are the same, but the 181 is a pretty standard topsheet, while the 191 is sort of holographic (don't think anything really moves on the graphics, but it has a different texture and appearance.)

Definately some sweet sticks there, I'm thinking they'd be perfect for a heavy touring setup with some Naxo's. The 3-4 mm discrepancy seems to be a much larger gap in my mind. I just can't see the 107/108 waist being as versatile here without the constant deep powder as the 104's I have now. I'm curious to see what you think about them!
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Yeah I was confused my all that as well. My ski says 134-108-124, and measure that as well. It is in a 181 length and has the matte finish as opposed to the sticker looking cover. The tip is quite soft while the tip through underfoot is noticeably stiffer. I'm excited to ski these on pow pow days. Got some karma's for my everyday ski. The 4frnt bindings should be sweet too! The setup is very light for how wide it is.
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I'll have to go back to that shop and check every pair they have. The only explanation that would make sense is that they stamp the dimensions of each pair after they are manufactured. How are the dimensions listed, does it look like something that would be changeable on each ski?

I'm praying for snow for you, so I can hear what you have to say about them!
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These planks are the best ones on the market! I do a lot of research before purchacing a ski. I caome from a strong racing background and these skis were the closes to a race flex that I could find. I was skiing on a pair of 03-04 Volkl Gotama's, but they pail in comparison to these massive stix. I also tested out a pair of the new Gotama's and they are still nowhere near this ski. Volkl went backwards. Scott spent the last few years outside the American market to prove and prefect their product and it totally didn't disapoint me to wait for this Gotama killer!
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