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Bode wins GS

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Alta Badia, Italy ..... by a full second! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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That's very cool.

So apparently he can ski on Rossignols as well as Fischers. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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Bode is amazing, he was even fast on K2's.
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Originally posted by Norefjell:
he was even fast on K2's.
K2 Rule.
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Hurray for Bode!

Hurray for U.S. ski racing!

I think it's great that Bode is winning races and enjoying top finishes in the technical events. But, I love the fact that Bode is achieving good results in the speed events as well. I think it would be great to see an American four-event skier that is standing on the podium on a consistent basis.

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A
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Austrians dominate only in Mens section but in womens hahaha Janica kick hss
I too would like to see some other nation ahead o Austria but dunno it will be very hard.
Go Bode and Aamodt!!!
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Bode is unique. How else would you explain his 2nd place finish at Val d'Isere- Winning the first run after dragging his hip more than once? He is balance and aggressiveness personified.

I love it when VonGruenigen cleans up in GS. The guy is just so clean that I'm almost suprised when he doesn't win or at least podium. Eberharter is a powerhouse for sure, but I find myself rooting for other Austrians like Raich if Bode or Kjetil aren't in the running. Hopefully the World Cup Overalls will be tight this year- almost down to the wire. Makes for interesting viewing.
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Originally posted by Alaska Mike:
He is balance and aggressiveness personified.
And strength. Remember, he has no ACL in either knee. :
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... and he's now 2nd in WC points, one slot below Eberharter, but ahead of Aamodt, Defago, Cuche, and von Grunigen.

Fast company he's in! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Side note: Look at the top 20 WC point standings -- it is DOMINATED by Austrians -- I'd love to see all those AUT's be replaced with USA's in my lifetime.
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Bode Miller is curretnly our best American Male skier and our best hope for Alpine gold in 2006.

I hope he can stay focused, motivated, and free of any serious injury until then, and brings home the gold ! He will be at his peak athleticism at tht time.
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Sadly, I think Bode has been mouthing off regarding Eberharter. He has started a pissing contest that he can't win.

There are some issues regarding the Austrian sandbagging to be sure but his comments regarding SE getting the fastest skis sound like sour grapes.

IMHO he needs to be centered mentally on his own game before Eberharter gets the last laugh.
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Eberharter is 10y older than him. Bode have good future in alpine skiing for sure.
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Eberharter has been known to mouth off a little himself, but I guess it goes with the territory- especially since the Austrian team is so competitive in itself.

Injuries also come with the territory. Would Bode have been able to narrow the gap if Eberharter hadn't fallen? Would we even know Eberharter's name if Hermann hadn't broken his leg?

Bode's point about the skis strikes me as odd. Last season he said Fischer was the best brand, then swaps to Rossignol, which he says is THE fast skis. Now he's talking about how Eberharter gets the fastest skis? Hint to Bode- it's not the skis.
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[quote]Originally posted by BooYAH:
Originally posted by Alaska Mike:
[qb]Remember, he has no ACL in either knee.
Surely he hasn't had his ACL's removed?

I have no idea of his case history, but surely any sort of injury he has had would be accompanied by progressive rehab and some sort of intra articular reconstruction, thus giving him good functionality? Just done some research, makes interesting reading:

And I am not surprised he is mouthing off, that seems to be the prerogative of elite sportspeople, it is called 'gamesmanship', or psychological pressure....I guess doing that you just run the risk of ending up with egg on your face.

And Eberharter has been a consistent performer in World Cup for years, his name figured frequently in the points if you looked past 1st place, which was Meier's domain.
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[ December 27, 2002, 03:50 AM: Message edited by: TheRockSkier ]
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Umm... hate to burst everyone's bubble... but it is the skis. There are tons of guys out there who are fighting for a pair of the 'good' (eberharter, b. miller, etc.) skis, but who get merely 'race stock' skis (which is what I have). With good skis you win, if you are good but have ok skis you might make top 30 in WC.

The skis Bode are on are ridiculously fast. His old Fischers are also really fast. Most of his switch was due to money, but the Rossi's are pretty good this year, at least on the WC level. The full laminate SL and GS skis for this year are great (I would know). The 'race stock' skis as they like to call them, the ones with the VAS (dual construction) are crap. So, don't feel sorry for Bode bitching about equipment. He gets first pick at Rossi like Eberharter does at Atomic. Why do you think he got fast at DH all of a sudden? Skis.

That being said I don't think Bode is entirely off the mark with that comment. It wasn't until Maier left that Eberharter became the next Maier. Maybe he could have done it anyway, from the inside. Maybe not. But don't ever think that there aren't huge equipment discrepancies on the WC.

Mike posted a finish list for Alta Badia recently. The last guy in the section he posted (tenth place) is a guy named Uros Pavlocic from Slovenia. He might be the fastest guy you have never heard of. Last year he won the second run of the Kitzbuhel slalom. Unfortunately, winning one run doesn't make you famous or the race winner. But, he gets consistent top 20 GS results. The caveat here is that he is the only guy making any decent results on Elan GS skis. He almost didn't race this year because he didn't feel he could get fast enough skis. Obviously he is still racing, but he is someone getting good results without the 'uber skis' that Bode and Stephan have.

Eberharter runs his mouth just like Bode does. What prompted Bode's comment is Eberharter publicly commented sarcastically 'here comes the favorite' or something to that effect after bode won the last run of DH training for the first race of the year. Not a very gracious winner.
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The comments made by Eberharter may have been unfortunate, but he had several issues to deal with when he made those comments. One of them was his irritation with the new running order in downhill where the winner of the last training run would start 30th and the 30th fasest would have bib 1. He feels very strongly that this is going to cost him some podiums due to deteriorating conditions. He thinks this is unfair as he believes he is the best and putting on a show for the public does not make sense to him and other racers. Eberharter also got really tired of all the North American journalists asking him about Hermann Maier. They are not good friends anyway and for Eberharter to be asked how he would have done against him go really old. It was mentioned that nobody may have known about Eberharter if Maier had not been hurt. That may be true if you have started to follow ski racing only in the last five to six years, but those who have followed ski racing longer surely remember Eberharter winning two gold medals in the 1991 World Championships. He then battled his way back on the team after a few sub-par years. Generally, he is not known as a motuhing off type of guy. I believe his nickname for a while was "Mr. Nice".

Fast skis are a must both with respect to performance and also with the mental aspect of skiing. One of the reasons Lasse Kjus switched from Atomic was that he did not feel he was getting the faster pairs. As a matter of fact, his DH and GS medals in Salt Lake was won on two year old skis.
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Sorry, gave the wrong impression. I was talking about the skis Bode gets relative to the skis Eberharter gets, not relative to what the rest of us ski on. Obviously there is a big difference between WC and retail.

As far as Eberharter being an "unknown", I realize he's been around for awhile and consistently up there in the points. Like most of us annoying Americans, I still wonder where he would be if Hermann was healthy. However, the guy is obviously THE dominant force on the WC now, and at his age I think that's really cool. I'm just hoping he's not pushing his recovery too fast that he doesn't have the season he should.
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I guess we will always wonder what would have been if Hermann had not been hurt so bad. At times he was unpopular with many fans and other racers, but boy could he race. Hope to see him again, but with the margins so tight at the top, it would be hard to believe that he could come back and immediately be a force.
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Originally posted by Norefjell:
[QB]I guess we will always wonder what would have been if Hermann had not been hurt so bad.QB]
Yeh but if we never see him race again he certainly had his time and went out with a rock star bang didn't he. A bit like Senna. Certainly has been immortalised now anyway, and rightfully so.
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