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Fortress AB troubles

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Okay, so this doesn't sound like good news.

Someone sent me an email on this...:

From Rocky Mountain Outlook: Fortess ordered to stop selling passes


From CBC News: Ski resort to appeal order from province


From the Calgary Sun: Fortress Mountain face major moguls


From CHQR: Fortress Ordered To Stop Selling Passes Due To Fears Opening May Be Delayed


From CBC News: Alberta ski hill ordered to stop selling passes


Bummer, I was maybe thinking of a detour there this year.
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Certainly buying a season's pass would seem to be a bit of a gamble, but I intend to go there for at least one day to take advantage of their "any ski hill season's pass gets you a full day at half day prices" deal. I was also intrigued by their full moon night skiing.

I suspect it will be really tough on them because the season passes would generate the capital necessary to fix and upgrade the lifts as well as the other facilities. At the Calgary ski show they seemed hopeful that things were falling into place, but that was before consumer affairs stepped in.
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I just don't understand why they would wait until now to start reno's on the lodge?: It seems to be it would have been easier over the summer, when the weather was nice and the road up wasn't sketchy. Alberta labour shortage I suppose?
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It depends on when they got permits and approval for construction. Since they are located in Kananaskis country I suspect there are a few more steps to take before you can carry out the work. Hopefully things will come together for them, since I would add Fortress to my rotation of hills if it makes a go of it.
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I wish them well and hope they get it together. Fortress was my base in '82 (worked there while racing on the PWA Pro Tour) and we had a lot of great times there. It was a tight knit group.

: I remember on many a moon lit night, we would grab a set of rentals from the shop, tie a rope on to the trailer hitch of someone's 4x4, and go tearing up and down the access road being towed like we were water skiing. Boy, did the sparks ever fly from the edges. And if we ever got the late night munchies, a buddy of mine had a key to access the service tunnels under the lodge so we would go into the tunnels with a flashlight, pop up into the cafeteria, and help ourselves to whatever we could get our hands on. Hard to believe it's coming up on 25 years ago. Somewhere I think I still have an album of staff photos, including a few topless Aussie girls :
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I thought I would resurrect this old thread because the deal I had been hearing in the wind for the past couple of years has finally been solidified and Fortress Mtn. is again under new ownership and looking to reopen next season.  It's been purchased by an investment group led by Joey O'Brien, who's a past COO of Alpine Canada. 


Here's a recent article in the Calgary Herald.


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I did my CSCF 1 with Joey O'Brien who used to run the Fortress Alpine Ski Team, he's a nice guy wonder what his plans are. Hell of a skiier mind you...

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We were based at Fortress during the 88 Olympic speed events. The Austrian Team was there as well.
Good to see it re-opening again; kind of like waking up from a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream.

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