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weekend snow for colorado!

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looks like sunday will be the best day to get out and ride,follow the snow and take your pick...breck,copper,abasin,loveland,wolf,keystone are all open.. : i think im hittin keystone or loveland sunday! anybody else riding this weekend..?
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: dumping in some spots right now. 6-12"+ is what they are calling for.
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i want to go ! i have free roundtrip tickets w/ frontier and southwest and i can't use either of them because of that silly thing called a job ! :

but i've digressed. i would recommend keystone. they list the most trails and blue trails being open. breck+loveland is mostly open green.

you can check this out but going to breckenridge.com or keystone.snow.com and looking at their terrain status page on the mountain section.
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hit loveland today..was primo conds with little bit of fresh and snow fell allday..some resorts got 6-11" so far and alot more do over the next few days..!!!
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storm warnings are up till tues..calling for another 10-20" ontop of what they got already!... this could be a good call in sick week
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resorts got another 4-5"overnight and its dumping right now with as much as 20" called for..but we shall see. really sunny here in denver.
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snowing all day

It's been snowing all day here in Gypsum-not much accum (2-3"..we are only about 6500')..but right now Vail Pass is closed both WB/EB due to heavy snow..I think the totals will be respectable and skiing should be great tommorrow

Also bodes well for Vail for this Friday's opener
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loveland has got 16" so far and still snowing. 20"at butte i was told. so most of central and a lill south resorts got from 10-20" all in all whos complaining!?!
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Telluride got 2 feet+ from the weekend storms. Silverton about 2.5'+. Wolfy at about a little under 2 ft.
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loveland up to 22 inches overnite now ! and AB w/ 11 and vail w/ 10 ! it might not be the halloween snows of last year, but its still great for CO pretty early in the season ! (and utah isnt looking too shabby either.)

Wax 'em up !
loveland snowreport - http://www.skiloveland.com/snowrep/snowrep.asp
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