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Fredrik Nyberg

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Fredrik Nyberg's career ended today with a bad accident while training in Reiter Alm, Austria. He hooked a gate while training SG and tore his meniscus and ligaments in one knee. His career spanned five olympics and at 38 he was the oldest competitor on the WC and he was still competitive. As one of the smaller guys he was really fun to watch and one of the very nice guys on the circuit.
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That's a rough way to go, but I think he showed us that the World Cup doesn't top out at 32 or 33. My World Cup dream (delusion?) is still alive because of guys like him.

A true class act.
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I'm very surprised to see this since I tought that Freddie had already made clear last year that he was retiring after the 2006 season. All around a very technical and passionate skier who I just loved to see ski, especially GS. He had a way of being one of the most agressive guy on the hill at all times: he was an intelligent gambler who laid it on the line at every race.

Sadly, he was perpetually pitted against Ingemar and was, at least internationally, not given the merit he deserved because he didn't "medal" at the "big events" like his predecessor. But he was given shoes so big that I doubt anyone will ever come close to filling them... Really heartbreaking to see him end a great career like this
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What a drag...

...Freddie is a great skier and a great guy. The story I heard was that he was gonna make it through one more year because the World are in Aare and then hang it up. Best of luck in the future, fellow squarehead...
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