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Face Shots & Holidays?!?

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So, we were graced with about 12+ inches of new snow on Donner Summit (CA) Saturday night, and of course, Sunday was the bomb!

Face shots (in more ways than one...ha) ALL DAY LONG on Sunday! Even the tracked out powder was fun! Even better...no lines! I don't know where everyone was, but if they weren't out skiing or riding they were definately missing out!

Supposedly it is a holiday today (in the US), but not many people I know, myself included, have the day off. So what's the deal? Is this just a "G" holiday, and most of us in the private sector have to sit at our desks when we should be out reveling in the fresh powder?!? :

Sadly, here I sit staring at my computer, knowing that I too should be enjoying this "holiday"...on the mountain!

For everyone lucky enough to be out skiing today, make some turns for me! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Serenity,

Glad to hear you had a wicked day at the bowl yesturday ! The road to Alpine and Squaw was solid traffic, Alpine car park full....but I couldn't work out where all the people were ?? hardly any lines where we were


Miss Jane
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Jane -

Everyone must have been "quietly" finding the fresh stashes, in the lesser known areas of the ski resorts, as the day went on!

I am glad you had a fun weekend as well, it was pretty hard not to!

Is it just me, or does everyone work a bit harder in the powder? I must have sweated off five pounds yesterday!

I think I need to get better at being "one" with the mountain! :
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ahh yes the legs are feelin it today...and I would like to thank the powder god for helping me sweat off the tequila and jager shots from Sat night...urghhh...never again..not when its going to be a powder day !!! grrrrrr !!!
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Don't you put VB in your Camelbak? THAT surely would have kept you hydrated!

I thought you aussies drank the VB like water!
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