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We all are familiar with the RICE treatment for bumps bruises, sprains and strains.

Some evidence suggests the "C" word is perhaps the most important for rapid recovery. Swelling and the damage done is it's own evil, What do we do for ourselves and for our patients? Send everyone out the door wrapped tightly in white sport tape? I have noticed sports medicine response is to wrap an injury in clear plastic wrap with the ice right in.

Pass the Saran wrap ;-)

Perhaps there is evidence that R I or E have greater merits.

Any experiences

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As far as our protocol, we are not allowed to use elastic wraps.

Personally, recovering from knee surgery a month ago, the ace bandage helped more than ice or elevation.
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The patrol in the US I was in had a protocol of no Ace (compression) bandages. I guess they worry we'll use them like tourniquets. In Canada we are trusted to use them.

One spring I skied out of a binding and cartwheeled a couloir, nicking some rocks and tearing a subcutaneous artery in my thigh. I thought it was just a bruise, but my entire leg turned bright red and blew up like a water balloon. The doctor told me wrap as tight as I could stand it it in three of the biggest ace bandages I could find for a week.

I didn't lose circulation in the lower leg but the subcutaneous bruising was squeezed out of the thigh and spread from my toes to my abdomen, and out to certain extemeties in between.

I think the Aces did more than the ice and elevation. Advil I took that day might have contributed to the problem.
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Our patrol is independent, and is also a MTB patrol in the summer. Most of our members are either WFRs or WEMTs, and we teach/are taught compression by taping or Ace bandage (in that order of preference) are taught with Rest, Ice and Elevation. (NOLS WFR textbook, pp 96-97)

From personal experience (two ankle sprains this summer, one of which was severe) Ice and Compression by Ace bandage, in combination, have been the most beneficial for me.

Ski safe,
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