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It was my understanding when they instituted this policy that during the first year everyone could continue teaching until they passed certification but they they had to pass by the end of the season. After that they would hire uncertified pros, but they would not teach classes until they passed. Only what I'd heard.
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Originally Posted by therusty View Post
Is it more effective to drive positive change with a carrot or a stick? I don't know, but in general I prefer to use carrots.
Yes and the carrot seems to be working well does it?

Whether we can effect change or not within a given ski school we certainly can set our own standards on who we choose to affiliate with and lend our logo to. Later, Ricb.
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Hmm, Blue Knob is even able to offer these certified instructors at prices that people can afford.
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Originally Posted by RicB View Post
Yes and the carrot seems to be working well does it?
Sorry Ric. I'm not in a good position to answer this. I'm not aware of much effort on PSIA's part to address this issue. Nolo has reminded me of the school management committees and the ski school management seminar clinics run by PSIA (East at least), but I have not seen a lot of output from these activities. It does not mean that they are not doing or anything or aren't effective at what they're trying to do. I am just not aware of what's going on. It may simply be that these activities are focused on things like developing programs instead of trying to rehabilitate substandard schools. It may be that the people involved in this end of PSIA don't see varying school quality as a problem that needs addressing. It may be that they are trying carrot approaches and it's not working.
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Originally Posted by Freeskier01 View Post
This is a typical response from a PMTS Tool....You talk about sarcasm. But, pay attention to all of your posts. Here and at your home site (Realskiers) at the sarcasm and the way you you constantly slam PSIA.
I love this for a couple of reasons:

1. Where is the Epic Ski patrol now! LOL! They only come out when one of their own gets attacked.

2. Freeskier01 obviously has a limited capacity for deduction. A quick check of member information would reveal that I just started posting on Real Skiers so I could hardly be called a PMTS Tool. In fact, I found Real Skies and PMTS as a result of this forum.

3. I applaud you for going through all the trouble of signing up for Epic Skiers for one post. It points out how far some PSIA members are willing to go to bash anyone who has even the slightest respect for any additional teaching system. That dogmatic approach is why PSIA is struggling.

4. Sarcastic. You bet I am. How can someone not be when reading the drivel that gets posted in this instruction forum on a daily basis.
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