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Trying to choose All-Mntn ski

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Dear fellow-skiers. I have been browsing through this great forum for a while and still I haven't been able to choose a proper ski for myself and I was hoping if You people could help me a bit.

First about me: I am 30 years old male, 6ft3" 205-210lbs, not too athletic (unfortunately), I have been skiing now for 23 years and I consider myself as an advanced skier.

My current skis are Rossignol RPM21 (191cm) and Elan SL (160cm) and those Rossi's I do love, but now I'm trying to find a little shorter and a little wider ski than RPM21.

I'll be doing my skiing on-piste 80% and 20% off-piste. Ill be skiing some 2-3 weeks in the Alps (Austria).

I have narrowed the choices to the following skis:

Rossignol B2
Head Monster iM70/77
Volkl AC3/4
some other ski, what?

Which of these skis would be the best choise for me and in which length?
I know that I should be doing some serious demoing before buying any but unfortunately thats not a choice for me, since there aren't too many retailers here that lets you demo skis.

Thanks alot in advance,

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I went through the same thing last year. I was looking for a "do it all" ski. I ski in Ontario all year with 2 trips to either europe or out west.

I tried several skies and it came down to two. K2 Apache Recons and the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous. After testing both, I went with the Nitrous. It has just as much width (and was a blast to ski powder with in Whistler last year), but has an aggressive sidecut that carves with the best of them. It is also a bit softer than the Top Fuel, so you can take your foot off the gas and still ski them. Not bad in the bumps either. I liked the K2s, but they didn't carve nearly as well.

Just my .02 cents.
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Thanks for a reply. I had Nordica Hot Rods at my list aswell but for some reason I took them off the list but maybe I should reconsider. How heavy and tall are you, if I may ask? and in which length are your skis?

Did you happen to try any of those skis on my list and if you did, do you have any opinions to share?

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just ordered and am waiting for the jet fuel. Will write a review upon skiing it.
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I ski Rossi Z9s and find that they carve wonderfully and are extremely adaptable to a wide variety of conditions. Simply put, they are fun. I had a friend who tried last years AC4 (it's apparently a different ski this year) and he loved them. Differences in manufacturers' constructions mean that you should try them and see which type you prefer. But I would definitely try the Z9 if I were you. As for length, I'd say 170+ in either ski; if you like to ski fast and more aggressively, I'd go for longer length. Even though the Z9 has a dramatic sidecut, you can ski it longer than the Atomic Metrons (which have a significant sidecut also).
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Hi Alberto! That Z9 does look like interesting ski too... Which one of Z9's do you have, Gran Sport or Ti Oversize? And one other thing, are you able the skid the Z9, because I like to be able to skid the skis occasionally even though I do enjoy carving also?

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I demoed the Nitrous against the Recons last year and the Nitrous won hands down. It is so much fun to ski. Would highly recommend the Nitrous.

For a demo list, alongside the Nitrous I would try:
Dynastar Legend 8000
Volkl AC3 or AC4
Bandit B2 or B3
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