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The Goodness of People

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My dad drove away form our house with his wallet on the roof, when he turned the corner onto a 4 lane state road, it fell off. Someone found it, looked at the liscense and then found our adress, and hand delivered it with all the contents (credit c ard, cards, and 200 bux). We gave her 30 dollars for her good heart. Just goees to show that people arent so bad after all.
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San Luis Valley, CO people are awesome

On a guys trip to Canada we had a transmission failure in a rental van in the early hours of the morning in the San Luis Valley, trying to drive straight through. After waiting until daylight, a guy driving south to work picked me up and turned north to drive me to a service station for fluid and back to see if that was the cause or at least get us going to the next town. After finding out the low fluid was not the issue and a tow and serious maintenance was required, some of the crew hitched to a diner and asked for help. A rancher got in his truck and picked us up, the trailer with gear and hauled it to his ranch for security. He then gave us the keys to his truck to go back to Durango and get a new vehicle and come back 4 or 5 hours or so later. We had to force him to take a reimbursement and when asked why he would be so unbelievably generous to let us take his rig and help us out, his response was, "I trusted ya. Have a good trip!" And simply smiled.

Sure reaffirmed my believe in the heart and soul of people as a whole.
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How seldom good deeds get reported. But perhaps we should actually take comfort from the fact that evil is still considered more "news"-worthy than good?
The most corrosive thing is indifference.
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Isn't that what we need more of? Snowball is right. The world is full of good stuff.........we just rarely hear about it.

Someone paid my tuition to go to the first ESA. I'm still wondering who that was, and I marvel at the generosity! To pay that back I do little things: I'll buy a supporter status for someone here or there, donate to the raffle, send someone a little something for their birthday. Feels Good!!
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Sadly, around Christmas .... I mean ... winter er .. celebratory ... holiday ... PC at all costs ya' know!

Anyhoo, I saw a woman pulling out of the shopping center with her purse on (but coming off), her roof. By the time I could do a U-turn, it was gone.

What do you think the odds are she got it back?
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It was late at night and I was working at an electric power plant.

I found an envelope (big manila) .... with $57,000, in it.

Cash money .... the big long green stuff!

I remembered one of the guys was going to close on a house the next day so at something like two in the morning I called him. I asked him if he lost something.

He drove down and picked it up ..... now, I wouldn't have accepted anything in return .... but he coulda' at least said thank you!

: he didn't that night and never did later ... :
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What a loser. Sorry, Yuki, that's just rude.

"Thank you for being an honest person, and saving me major stress for being a dumb ass and losing my life savings. You're a treasure in a world of sand."

-Loser of $57,000, better late than never
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Been flying back and forth to Puerto Rico for the last 6 months on business. While checking through security to come back home, I heard my keys fall out of my bag when I took my laptop out. I reached down and picked them up and continued on. About two hours into my flight I went to get my MP3 player out, and realized it was gone. Yea, must have fallen out with my keys. Oh well, a 1gb Sony Silver with FM radio, gone. About a month later I arrived back in San Juan, and while walking through the airport, I thought I would stop and check. Sure enough, the TSA Agent found it on the floor, and had been holding it waiting for someone to come and claim it.

I never thought I would see it again!
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Yuki, next time donate it to your favorite charity. What a jerk.
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Last year on Dec. 24th we were in Eastern Co. on the way to Steamboat when we got a flat on the ole minivan. A serviceman on a two day leave to visit his parents with a car full of gifts stopped, ran across the highway, and helped us unload the van, change the tire, and reload the van. He would only accept our very greatful thanks.
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A recent example of unbelievable compassion over on TGR occurred when SheRa and iskibc had their skis w/ AT rigs stolen from where they had stashed them beside the road for a short scouting hike. When the community heard about it, enough 10 and 20 dollar donations came in from the maggots to buy them both new Naxo NX21 bindings, as well as skis. It was really unbelievable, as they had enough within 6 or 7 hours, with plenty more people offering to donate.
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I drove through Compton and didn't get carjacked. Such nice people.
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this thread reminds me of a couple things that have happened in my life, like driving off with the wallet on the roof, yeah, that was dumb, but I did get it back with everything (minus the $5 cash I had in it, fair enough I thought since it was thrown in the mail - I guess it covered the cost plus a soda to say thanks). But it also makes me thankful that when I have bad luck I have good luck (if that makes sense), people have always helped me out, eventually, when I have been in a jam and its nice to know that there are still some people out there with good hearts.

I still think my funniest experience (at a ski area) was during a new car promotion, and there was this option/pricer machine (kinda looked like an ATM) that printed out information, well after work (around 10:30 PM (area was open til 10) I tried to figure out how to turn the machine on, and low and behold, the keys to the 3 brand new cars dropped into my hand. Roughly $100,000 worth of cars (and yes I did know of a couple chop shops back in MA). Needless to say, I went to the and asked someone to call the guy in charge of Operations (I'll withhold his name), and for him to meet me at the counter, but I would not say why. Shortly after, the head patroller (an infamously ill-tempered patroller - she really is a good patroler, just a bit "short" sometimes) showed up and started questioning me, when the Operations guy showed up, I told him what happened, and handed him the keys, the patroler started flipping out, but mid tirate, the Operations guy cut her off and said he was happy I found em and not someone else, as the insurance policy was in HIS name and even he did not know where the keys were. Got a nice thanks for that one (I was known as a bit of a trouble maker - the head patroler was NOT happy when I started working there) and got the satisfaction of watching a rant get cut short. It was a good day, but I still think about how much money I could have made off that deal, but c'est la vie. It's often harder to do the right thing, but in the end it usually ends up being worth it. (FWIW, over the years I got along with the patroler, and have defended her online as well - hell if I got hurt, she's the one that I would hope would show up.)
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