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Important Summit Stage Changes

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If you are planning to stay at a hotel on main Street in Frisco, as of November 19th, the free Summit Stage bus to Breckenridge will no longer stop on Main or Granite Street. You will need to take the Copper bus to the Frisco transfer station, and change to the Breckenridge bus. If you are coming from Silverthorne, take the Frisco bus and stay on!

This will become the next Copper bus. The same thing will happen on the way back. The Copper bus will go to Frisco, then to Silverthorne, then to Keystone, so if you are staying in Dillon, you don't need to change buses.

I usually suggest the Main Street hotels in Frisco because it's a livelier area than the hotels near the transfer center, but if you wanted to ski at both Copper and Breck, and if you wanted to go car free, you might want to stay at one of the hotels near the transfer center.
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summit bus changes

Hi, we will be stopping in Frisco at the mountain lodge condos, and I planned to use the bus if parking was a problem parking at the resorts. Where is the summit stage transfer station, would I need to drive and leave the car there (if possible?)

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Hi and welcome! If the mountain lodge condos are on Main Street, you can take the Summit Stage Bus, but you will only need to do this if you are going to breck. Otherwise, the Copper bus will go right up Main.

You can park your car at the transfer center and take the bus to any of the resorts.
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