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toe lift boot questions

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I had a fitting done on some x-wave 8s and during the process, the fitter added toe lifts to the boot (screwed on the bottom) and shaved down the top of the toe for the binding. No other modifications were made (such as a heel lift, etc.). This was done to get my hips in a more neutral position but mostly to take some strain off my quads. But I've found since I've had this done, it feels like I'm fighting to stay out of the backseat more than before. It did take some stress off my quads while standing but while skiing it just seems that I'm back too far. I know this isn't a whole lot of info to go on, but is there something else missing in this equation? Thanks for any help.

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AJ24, you probably have very flexible ankles and were constantly overflexed and locked there. With the addition of toe lifts you probably now have the ability to use you're ankles but never have so you don't know how. The result is you may be stuck statically farther back. Give it some time before you decide the boot fitter make a mistake. Learn to flex by lifting the top of you're foot towards you're shin instead of sink into the fronts of the boots. These types of changes are often percived as incorrect at first.
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Thanks Pierre, I'll give it some more time and work on the arch up bit. I guess I've always tried to push my shins into the tongue so that may change things. I noticed some other info about the same topic in the turn initiation threads...all new stuff for me.

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AJ24, I had similar work done on my boots, adding both a lift to the boot and a smaller lift to the toepiece of my Markers (note: there is a delta angle on the Marker bindings). As I learned to get my balance back, I did need to learn to use my ankles more, and especially to gently press my shin into the tongue of the boots as appropriate for balancing. I try to feel a light touch there, not a "smash it!" feeling.

I noticed this especially in double-diamond bumps this past weekend. As I pressed the ski tips down into the backside of the bumps, I was able to stay balanced and in control. It seemed to slow everything down for me.

If your bootfitter was right to make this change, it will take some adjustments. Remember, if you want to improve, it will mean getting out of your comfort zone. Change is uncomfortable and new sensations feel strange. But, that doesn't mean that they are less effective skiing!
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