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Making your own skis

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I strolled upon this website today at work. It's extremely interesting and actually makes you feel like you could make your own skis. It's worth taking a look at just to see the process involved in putting together those planks you ride on. Lots of pictures to.

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This thread is a bit of a let-down: I had expected some super-hick whittling away with his pocket knife for years and years at a couple of old tree trunks. I just don't have all that equipment.
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Can't let you walk away disappointed:
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that seems a litle complex.. we build carbon fiber hoods, doors, leaf springs and other things for our race cars..
And surf boards are easy...
You won't need pressure if you do it a layer at a time.. you could put just about any design you want in there.. rubber layers.. foam.. wood.. aluminum.. anything really. Steal the ideas of the top ski's and try to build them for much cheaper.

Yes.. I will be the guy with primered ski's covered in fiberglass residue.. lol
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Can't let you walk away disappointed:
Thanks, now I feel better. But my old skis from (I think) about 1959, which I still have stored away, at least have metal edges and cable bindings. Those people really are going back!
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Simple. Just get 2 2x4's, wrap them in fiberglass and voila...K2 VO Slalom!
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