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Happy Birthday Fischermh

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A happy birthday wish for you Mark. You bring balance to some of these tilted threads.
I welcome your posts and admire your ability to stand on your convictions. That speaks volumes about your character. And, by the way,sometimes you are one.
You are a good guy and I would like to take some turns with you someday .

Happy birthday, Mark
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Happy Birthday. If anyone asks, I recommend staying in your 40s.
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Happy birthday, and God bless!
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Happy Birthday, and enjoy the day.
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The weather is cooling, so you decided to heat the house with birthday candles!

Your posts sure entertain us! Thanks for the energy!
Happy Birthday!
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happy birthday, mister fischer.
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Happy birthday
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Hippo, birdies, two ewes.
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Thanks everyone, I had a nice birthday. Cirque, just how do you stay in your 40s?
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My mother in law used to count backwards after hitting 49. It didn't work for her, and I'm afraid I passed the mark 2-years ago. I was hoping that if anyone had insight on divine intervention, it might be you.
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Congrats Mark on making it another year. Be glad you are still in your 40s because I can tell you from experience that turning 50 is way overrated.
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Happy belated birthday, Fishman!
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Happy birthday!
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