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Bandit b2 length for my height and weight

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My first post.
I am 5'6" 145 pounds.
I ski pretty much exclusively in Alta, Utah.
A good friend of mine who is a ski buff says the Bandit B2 at length 167-172 is what I would want, but at the ski store, they said 158's. He also recommended the Volkl AC2
I don't trust salesmen, maybe they have to ged rid of that length, and maybe the Volkl's are not selling and he wants them out of the store, so I am asking for some more input.
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First, the AC-2 and B2 are pretty different skis with different shapes, flexes, and general personalities. Second, are you looking at Women's specific models? That makes a difference in flex on the B2 vs. B2W.

Length is very much a preference thing. A woman that works with me and is my best women's ski tester is 5-9, 150# and an agressive skier. She likes shorter skis than one might normally think. I would suggest the 166 if you are a pretty good skier and will be in the off trail very much. OTH, if you are an intermediate, and will mostly be on the groomers, a 158 would be OK.

OTH, I am 5-10 188# and generally prefer somewhat longer skis than most folks my size.....go figure.

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Heh, I left out the important piece of information that I am a male.
From whar you're saying about the B2 and AC-2, then my assumption is correct that the salesman just wanted to dump inventory or just had no clue because he said they were very similar skis.
I ski 50% off and on trail, but many times on trail at alta is like off trail wither their massive amounts of snow.
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158 for a B2 is way too short IMO, especially for Alta with the likelihood of powder. I would go 165-170 range for that ski.

Edit: Since you are a male (perhaps more aggressive) and ski off trail I would say at least 170 for the B2.
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Sorry, no offense meant...................................

Generally, a male at that weight would be a tossup between the 166 and 174. You could go either way depending upon your ability, agressiveness and goals. The B2 is easy enough to ski that the 174 would not be too much of a stretch for a good skier.

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Thanks to all. No offense taken. It's my dumb choice for a username that is to blame, or my meager male build :
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for alta only?

look at the b3 and also b4
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Originally Posted by joy_division View Post
Thanks to all. No offense taken. It's my dumb choice for a username that is to blame, or my meager male build :
Personally, I think it's a kickass name...I really miss Ian Curtis.

As for the ski...I second the B3. I ski the 06' in a 184 and just got an 07' in 176. I'm alot bigger than you although, so probably go smaller.
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Last year I skied on the b2's at 160 all winter in the Vail area. I've got a few pounds on you. It is a great ski, but I would suggest you go a little longer than what the shop reccomended.
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AC2 is a beginner ski. Listen to your friend.
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Originally Posted by joy_division View Post
Thanks to all. No offense taken. It's my dumb choice for a username that is to blame,
No...Cool Name

Joy Division was a great band :
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I am also a fan of the B3. I ski the B3W in a 160 i am 5' 3" and similar weight. I would definatly go bigger that what the sales guy told you. Last year i rode both the 150 and 160 before i made my purchase. The 150's were for sure quicker for me in the trees but i wasn't very happy with the lenght when i wanted to ski fast. i would take SierraJim's advice go between 166 and 174. Another thing i really like about the B3 is they are wide enough for pow pow but i had no problems laying out the turns on the groomers. Well there is my input. Get out and demo some if you can. But go bigger than a 158.
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IMO, B3 over B2 for Alta at 168cm (120-83-110 r. 14.2). I have the B3 as part of my quiver. Note B3 cm jump down is 160 and jump up is 176...perhaps extend your warranty with Rossi Axial 2 120 TI w/b binding. Good Skiing!
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oh...and check for '07 vs. the '06 Bandit B3 model. Same ski but '07 has the green base Rossignol graphic vs. the '06 orange. Point, if the sales guy is selling you the '06, tell him you'll give him $50 less for last years graphics
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Thanks Don for those two great posts. I was looking on Rossignols site to try and figure out by color which year's model these are. Additionally, great advice about the bindings. I know about the next loewr and higher length, so 168 sounds like the right fit.

I think though that I am going to demo the ski in Alta when I head there in January. These skis are pretty expensinv and I don't want to pick them up and then find I don't like them. B3 seems to be about $720 without bindings!
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JD...Do the demo in Alta...wise. Think you'll like the 3s especially out in little cottonwood...but ultimately it's the underfoot feel you have regardless of what anyone else tells ya.

Regarding the price...boy that sounds a little heavy to me, and the B3 is sold flat. Denver shops have had them on walls for $650 or so...I think at Colorado Ski and Golf.

Or, for example, you could try checking in with SierraJim, who posts on this site, his shop is:


or Al's Ski Barn:


I did buy the '07 Rossignol Axial 2 140 TI w/b from Al's for $249.00 as soon as they got em from Rossignol...

Perhaps others have some additional ideas for you but I do think you can get a bit of a better price at a shop or online somewhere.
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that price for last years is bs

i got them with axial 120 bindings new mounted for 600 last year
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Hey JD...REI has the bindings (Rossi Axial2 Ti 120 Pro w/wide breaks) on sale for $104.00 + shipping through the outlet site.

There's a seller on ebay (gotyourgear) that has a pair of 07' B3's in 168cm for $550.00 right now!

I got a pair of the bindings from REI last week as well as a pair of B3's in 176 from the same ebayer. Both arrived this week and are being mounted as we speak...So I can vouch for both sellers.

At this price I don't think you can go wrong and they won't last.
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Sounds enticing, but I really want to and have to demo before I purchase.

Are you sure the '07 B3 is green and not orange. I have now seen at least two sites show the '07 as orange (RDC shop and Al's Ski Barn).
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To confirm JD, whereas the '06 B3 topskin and the skibase "R" graphic are orange the '07 B3 topskin is rich orange with the ski base "R" graphic rossi's Bandit Squad green. Check the actual serial number for date...although the color is not going to make you ski faster:

Sounds like memo and duke spy some good prices...
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For ALta powder you probably want the fatter of the two - ie B3. B2 is fine also, but not enough float for that Utah fluff. The B3 still can carve on grromers and I did fine in the bumps at Crested Butte with the B3 (but the B2 or thinner ski better for bumps). I wouldn't go longer then 174 for either ski at your height and weight, and even that may be too long depending on what type of skier you are. Demo both sizes on same day and same runs that way you will get a good idea of what is best for you.
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For what it's worth:

I'm an East Coast skier, weigh 165 pounds and am 6 feet tall. I ski the B2 in a 174 and have been very happy with that length.
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East coast vs ALta - blue ice vs powder.
5 feet 6 inches, 145 lbs vs 6 feet 165 lbs

I would've been surprised if Roadking liked the shorter ski. Still think the extra width of the B3 would suit Utah better. I do believe you are going to demo (not oly the Rossi's but other as well - Recon, Dynastar 4800, 8000, etc).
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rossi store

Hey Man we have a rossi store here @ Winter Park. They have all of last years skis on sale. I was in there today and they have a bunch of skis. My friend Doug is the manager he won't give you the run around. Give him a call if you want the store # is 970-726-1673. The store sells strictly rossi stuff. Tell him Meghann from the warehouse sent you his way.
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the phone to the rossi shop is getting hooked up soon. You will get voicemail right now if you call there
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