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Suggested runs at Okemo

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Hey all,
I just got "published" and thought I'd share.
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Great HoW.
I too had something published recently on Okemo ( ). It concentrates on the family friendly aspects of the mtn. The south face run called Dream Weaver is a long and scenic sanctuary for mellow snow riders. The Blind Faith Terrain Park is a nice and rather unique combination of great terrain features and upper mtn views.
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I've had nothing published on Okemo, but congratulations to both of you!
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As much as I cant stand Okemo (too flat), that is the best one run where u can pack in everything from cruiser to bumps to rails to a kicker then the pipe. I agree with you on that one, but overall, Okemo is BORING.
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Thanks. I will be taking the whole family to Okemo this year, and we are really looking forward to it. Jim as a long time DC Skier I enjoyed your article too.

Okemo may be flat and boring but when you have a wife who loves blue groomers and an 8 & 7 year old you take what you can get!
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JamesJ / HookedOnWinter -- nice bit of writing for both of you!

overall, Okemo is BORING
There certainly is nothing really all that challenging at Okemo. But I still go there a couple times a year. The Mueller family has done such an amazing job with that place (especially during last year's dismal excuse of a winter) that I just can't hate the place. I enjoy skiing there!
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I agree -- Okemo isn't the most challenging mountain around. But it's still a lot of fun. It always has snow when no one else in the area does, and they take terrific care of the trails and facility. Plus I like that it's still family owned by people who are intimately involved in its operation. I must mean what I say, since I have a mid-week season pass there.

The route described by HookedOnWinter is indeed a good one. I also really like Timberline -- has a great rolling pitch.
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Okemo is a guilty pleasue of mine, I like it. No, it is not the hardest moutnain out there, but they do a great job. It is my wifes favorite and my in-laws too so I find my trails there to ski. Double Diamond, Forrest Bump and Supernova are fun gladed trails. Sel's Choice is soem great bumps. The Mid-mountain has an awesome prime-rib sandwich for lunch.
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They're not long runs but my two favorites at Okemo are Defiance and Triple Sec. Both twisty and fun on their own right but especially compared to the rest of the mountain.

Not at all a bad place to ski - especially when conditions are bad elsewhere, they really deliver the goods. And a much nicer experience than Stratton IMO.
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The only trail I like there is the run that they have SG races on, I think it's upper chief. When you do that at GS-SG speed, it's fun. Beyond that, the mountain is pretty boring.
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it's a groomer mountain. The tree runs need natural snow to be good.

There is challenge though - avoiding skiing into people on Jackson Gore for instance

That said, I know many folks who love it's lifts, snowmaking, family friendly design and atmosphere.

They always have good groomed trails over there ....
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Off topic, but are there any specials this year on lift tickets for Okemo (i.e. local coupons, BOGO etc...)?
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Wednesdays are "Wonderful Wednesdays," when locals get discounts on lift tickets. And I think Tuesdays are Ladies Days, with discounts for women. Go to their website for more info.

Best deal of all is a mid-week season pass. Pays for itself in just a few visits, and is good for Stratton and Sunapee, too.
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Originally Posted by Ullr View Post
Off topic, but are there any specials this year on lift tickets for Okemo (i.e. local coupons, BOGO etc...)?

Click on there site and look up the event calendar they are all listed there. Here:

Also check out the lift ticket pricing for steals and deals.

I have so many favorite runs there or combination of runs. It's hard to pick one. A combination most don't know about is Defiance to Easy Street to Ledges back to the High Speed. My friends may hate me for giving this one out, but in late March and April, any way to end up on Wardance.

Please don't tell to many people.
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Anyone think Okemo is actually going to open for the 18th like their site says ( of Friday).

The forecast just looks too warm, even big K hasn't said anything about opening and they've got + 1000 ft elevation.
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3-4 of cold days will give them a good window for blowing. it will be close though it all depends what next week brings.
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