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Scott/Peak Performance Freeride ski

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Hi All,

I recently across some freeride ski's by Peak Performance which are made by Scott. I quote the blurb 'on the box':

The exclusive skis are made for experienced off-piste skiers. They feature a wide, strong wooden core, graphite coating and an optimal sidecut (132/92/118) that gives a turn radius of 67 feet ( 20,5 m). The classic wood sandwich construction makes the skis durable, elastic and absorbs vibrations and chocks, which ensures a stable speed. The progressive design of the ski tip with a long point gives better snow control. On delivery, the skis are race prepared."

I found some info on the web, and they look like the Scott Santiago Pure model, which I cannot find on the Scott web site. Is this a discontinued model? Has anyone tried them, and if so how do they perform?



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The Pure is not discontinued in europe. It just got a new topsheet. The dimensions you quote are those of the 188. 193 : 135/101/119, R = 23.5m
It had been praised in french tests for 2 or 3 years. (both Ski Magazine and Sieur Magazine) and ski forums. The buzz is that the 193 is noticably stiffer (and wider) than the 188. The longer version is basicaly Sebastien Michaud or Phil Meier pro-model, thus less versatile than the 5 cms of difference may suggest.
No personal experience.
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Hi Philippe, Thanks for the information. I haven't access to any of the magazines you mentioned. Could you give me some more details? I'm basically looking for a back-country, off-piste ski for use in european conditions (predominantly Italian dolomites). I'm a fairly experienced powder skier, and at 178cm and 75kg rely more on technique and finesse than power and strength. I am considering these skiis as an alternative to the Rossi Scratch BC or a pair of K2 Seth Viscious. Cheers, redline
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For what it worths :
Skieur says about the 193 : (basically)
"This new swallow version of the pure has been sparkling. Perfect harmony betwen control, comfort and performance. The tip does wonders, allows the ski to float almost immediately and provides exceptional absorbtion and feeling. The ski "brushes" the top of the snow with an unrivaled smoothness. Another strong point : it's a ski that gives great confidence. It always stays under control, as the tip slows things down a little when the curves get longer. Actualy, one never felt the ski may dive under the surface, highly comforting when one skis on heavy or deep snow.
Sligthly less at ease with crud or hard snow, where vibrations may appear.Nothing really bad though.
Very swift, good rebound, forgives the mistakes.
Not as fast as some others, but enough to seriously rip, comfortably.
On the groomers, carve very well and easily, but can vibrate on hard snow. Bottom line : a great ski."
"best choice" in the fat category with the Fischer Watea, Rossi B Squad 184 and Volkl Mantra.
Pro : Quick to float, comfort, efficiency, control
Con : vibration on hard snow.
Performance off piste : 4.5/5
Comfort off piste : 5/5
Comfort on piste : 4/5

Ski Magazine text is on the Scott site. They didn't note the hard snow vibrations.
Pro : Quick to float, grip, swift.
Con : Nothing
Powder perf : 4.5/5
Crud comfort: 4/5
Overall off piste perf : 4/5

On piste turn initiation : 4/5
On piste grip : 4/5
Short turns : 4/5

Other skis of the year (fat category) : B Squad 184, Movement Goliath, ZAG H112.

Le Vieux Campeur (a shop that edits a huge catalog of all things mountain related and tests almost all the skis avalaible on the market) says that the 188 is much easier than the 193 but less good in deep pow. Though the 193 is still managable even if your not built like Seb Michaud. "A standard in the fat freeride category".

Oh, and the SkiPass posters (french ski forum) love their Pure, but I won't translate what they have to say...

Here you are. Scott has built quite a reputation in Europe in the last 5 years or so, with the Aztec and Santiago lines. I would say most of european backcountry skier would be happy with the Mission, but if you love 'em real fat, the Pure seems a geat choice.
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Thanks - I really appreciate the effort to translate and post that review. It looks like the 188 is a ski I should give serious consideration to. I'm a little suprised because I've never seen a Scott ski in Italy, but then again this isn't a very good barometer of how good/popular a ski is.


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