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(and I'm 40)
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These mags are all marketed at different people. Powder is my favorite. As a 160+ day a year professional skier, who loves challenging skiing inside the resort boundary and in the backcountry, it is certainly the most exciting and motivating ski mag in the US. Couloir is probably my second favorite, but it can hardly be considered a mainstream ski publication. Ditto the slightly inferior "Backcountry". I also subscribe to Freeze and Freeskier. These "new school/jibber" mags are often very entertaining. I especially like the Freeskier "Hot Glovin'", glove review, feturing topless models modeling the latest in hand fashions, and Freeze's "Ask Brad Page" These mags offer a much needed alternative to Ski/ing, kind of a young skiers FHM or Maxim. They are after a totally different skier. Ski and Skiing are for me usually pretty boring and often highly irritating. Crap like "how to dress like a ski town local" apres ski fashion articles are almost as absurd as thier resort and gear reviews. Some of thier advice is horridly streotyped; "Jeannie Thoren says all women need heel lifts" yea, especially if some of you need to get further in the back seat so that your skiing sucks, and you keep coming to her camp.

I think you define each magazine with a corresponding ski movie. If you read Ski/Skiing, you probably enjoy the latest Warren Miller production. The average Powder reader checks out stuff by Teton Gravity research, or Matchstick Productions. The Freeze reader slo-mos the latest jib trick in a Poorboyz vid. If you own Unparalleled, than you might be found studing Couloir for the latest BC beta.
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Originally posted by VANISLESKIER:
If your lucky enough to live in Canada check out SKIER.Ive been an avid reader of Powder for as long as i can rememeber and this new canadian publication is all that Powder is and more.With a senior editor like Leslie Anthony they cant go wrong.If this seasons issues are as good as last years debut im gonna cancel my Powder subscription with no regrets...
I picked up a copy of SKIER last year (here in the States). It's pretty good - I'll definitely continue reading it when I see it on the stands, but I certainly won't cancel Powder. Mostly because it is about 99.5% focused on Canada - interesting, but since I don't ski there (yet) it isn't as relevant to me as Powder is. I could see prefering it if you're Canadian though.
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Anyone remember Boards In Motion?
Best ski mag I've ever seen!!!
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Originally posted by oboe:

Why does Powder rank so high in the poll at the beginning of this thread? Perhaps because Powder readers are more loyal and more excited about their favorite mag. I'd wager that if we asked all 2993 members of this site to tell us what the best ski mag is, it would NOT be Powder - not because of quality, but because of relevance to "the average skier". If you're a skier to whom Powder is truly relevant - you have THAT MUCH skill, and you ski THAT MUCH off piste - then you have my envy, my admiration, and my respect. What you DON'T have [hey, lucky you] is my terminal mediocrity as a skier and aversion to life threatening ski venues. Hey,wuss, wuss, wuss . . . so what! There are more of my kind, and we also buy equipment, accomodations and lift tix. Ski and Skiing will survive, thank you.
Oboe- I don't agree. I'm, and prob. most people around here, are not near as good as the people featured in Powder- but you don't have to be. If you ski powder, OB or in bounds, and if you ski anything but the groomers I think Powder appl;ies to you. You don't have to ski 20 foot drops, or even 10 foot drops, you just have to enjoy snow that hasn't been plowedn over by a machine which in my opinion is what SKi Mag is about. How else could you explain Deer Valley as #1 resort in North America- I mean?!?!?!! So, I'm not saying high speed groomed runs are bad, it's just not Powder Mag. That's Ski Mag, and I believe Skiing falls somewhere in-between.
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I agree with you in disagreeing with oboe.

Tho i've never seen him ski, I know oboe could handle off-piste within a day a giving it a go, and once he did, POWDER would make a lot more sense. Getting away from the groomers is simple now from expert right down to intermediates because fat skis makes powder and crud as easy as cordaroy. POWDER revels in "natural" snow conditions while SKI aims at "manmade", "farmed/groomed" synthetic. There's no reason people can't do both anymore. And once you experience the superior quality of the "natural" snow experience, you'll be going back so often your technique can't help but improve. Certainly it'll improve a whole lot quicker than sitting around reading ambiguous instructional articles with incredibly poor demonstration pictures.

SKI is a car and liquor sales magazine which occasionally inserts a mainstream ski-related article. I can often get as much out of a National Geographic or Outside Mag at times.
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Deer Valley is cool. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sorry, as a 364+ ski days a year amateur, I have to say that New Zealand Skier mag is better than any other discussed here. It is published daily all year round, and issponsored by Bogner.

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