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Originally posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado:
Welcome to EpicSki, Telebob! Do you, by any chance, have the same initials as I do?

I too would read any article I came across by Peter Shelton or John Fry. Perhaps I was a little unfair in my blanket condemnation of all ski magazines--every once in a while, there's a pearl in the oyster.

A compilation of colums from ski town newspapers--hm-m-m--that reminds me of one "magazine" worth reading, if you can get hold of a copy: the Mountain Gazette. This one's had some real gems....

But I repeat that EpicSki fills the gap, in many ways. It's like a live magazine, with thousands of writers, thousands of articles, and letters to the editor that answer back! And it comes out every day. It's a trend that is likely to continue, as EpicSki grows and gains critical mass, and as the paper magazines fail to compete.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
Yup same initials. I agree with you about online skimags -- there is a great sense of immediacy and intimacy that's not found in traditional media. But there's also something nice about a well-researched, well-edited, articulate story that's appealing.
Yeah, I dig Mountain Gazette and they have definitely filled the advocacy role to some degree -- I've done a couple of short pieces in the reincarnated version and the MG book is a good example of what I'm thinking about, except they limited it to their own magazine. I'd like to skim ski town papers from around the country, going back 10-15 years, to paint a portrait of the contemporary ski life. I'd try and place a special emphasis on humor, as I think the industry takes itself a little too seriously these days. That's another refreshing element in these forums; people aren't nearly as self-important and pompous as some of the ski mag editors can be. Cheers!
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Originally posted by oboe:
EpicSki, the magazine . . . hmmmmmm
Vot is ze slogan?

"Written by gapers, for gapers"

Ha ha ha.
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If we be gapers, that makes you what?

A gaper gaper? (You can close your mouth now.)
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It is a sad indictment of this board that Ski got as high as 21% on this poll. I read Powder for the articles and the pictures, the expeditions they go on and the stories and pictures they bring back blow anything else out of the water.

Powder is for anybody who loves skiing and want to see and hear what other people who love skiing are doing.

Ski is for business people in their fifties who are interested in which resort properties offer the best return on investment and what outfits look the best for sitting in the lodge.

Skiing is for thirty year old wannabes who have no clue and need to be told what to buy, where to go and what to do.

Freeze is for pre teens who nagged their parents to buy them twin tips but get only two days a sesaon on snow.
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They all suck, though Powder does have the best photos. They've all taken on this Madison Ave. induced extreme Californian rad dude attitude. Can't wait till they find a new attitude.
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They may all suck, but when it's 94 deg and humid and you get your first issues of Ski and Powder on the same day, YESTERDAY, then the world seems to come to a stop so you can indulge in the pictures and words about the sport you love.

What a high when you see those in your mailbox on a hot summer day. Wow.

For about $15 a year you can get these two magazines. What a cheap high.

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Are you guys serious? For less than the price of yesterday's lunch we get A WHOLE YEAR of articles, photos, gear info, resort updates, yes--even ads, that we can peruse, study, share, ignore, admire, or even quickly reference, in an attractive, palpable format. While I love the interactivity of the internet, there's a HUGE difference between what I view on a monitor and what I feel while paging through a magazine....
WVSkier's spot-on about the price. About $1 per month? I lose that amount of money idling at the drive-thru.
I can subscribe to all three mags with parking change, and if I later recall one cool photo, or a subtle skiing tip, I feel I've more than paid for the price of admission.
Why wouldn't a skier throw a little chump change at something that might help support a skier's sport?
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What he said. Really.
And SKI surely sucks. I always pick up the buyer's guide, but every year wonder why after looking through the ridiculous, contrived, ad-driven reviews.
And their informative articles about what colors are going to look good on the Bogner set this winter. WTF? Soft boots? What a load of crap.
And somehow it's still better than Skiing, which is only trying to pretend to have Powder's legitimacy.
Did I mention how stupid the instruction columns are? "What to do if You're in the Backseat?" Who is this shit written for? I thought it was a magazine for SKIERS. If you're in the backseat, get yourself the hell out of it! If you guys are into this, I'm going to have side with Arnold.
Powder's the only one really worth subscribing too, not even close.
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Thank you endless and WV.

The truth, your not a skier unless you read ski porn. How else are you going to learn about new places to ski, resorts to visit, new gear (even if the reviews suck) and the such? The internet? Sure, but there is something nice about flipping through a magazine and seeing glossy pictures not backlit on a computer screen. And they are cheap, a subscription is what $10? Drop a few bucks, support the industry that you love.

Subscriptions that come to my house (between roommates and me):

1) Powder - the best, hands down.
2) Skiing
3) Ski - ok, canceled this one, it really sucked.
4) Freeze
5) Freeskier

Also, these come:

6) Backpacker
7) National Geographic
8) Stuff

Nobody ever complains about not having anything to read.
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It's true, this time of year anything new and ski related looks good. Anybody remember Mountainfreak magazine which went out of business earlier this year?
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living in florida I like to get ski, skiing,& powder. there may not be much content, sometimes you can blow thru the mag in 5 minutes but a good article pops up every now & then, but even the adds can be informative & looking at the new gear gets the blood going, its also interesting how the opinions on the same gear change from year to year. we are not all fortunate to live in ski country although living on the beach doesn't suck either.
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Disregard what I said about SKIING mag. My (FREE!) copy came last night. It was bad. Really bad. Sorry. Even the Bill Kerig article was lame.
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SKI and SKIING are not worth spending the money you get on your empties after a big night of drinking. Powder is the best mag out there and i think freeze is the second best with freeskier pullin up the rear. all depends on what your into.
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I don't understand why you guys hate these mags so bad?

I rather enjoy them, probably more because I don't live out west, so I'll take what I can get to get rid of my burning desire to go skiing, and reading usually helps me, hence I also read these boards.

Ski is my fav, and I just picked up the september skiing, and I'm enjoying it. Powder used to be my fav, but it got a little to retro if I remember right. It just tried to be too cool. Maybe I'm getting confused, but it was like a year or 2 ago that I thought this...
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Originally posted by Philth:
[QB]Soft boots? What a load of crap.QB]
BTW, for younger folks on this board who know who Tanner Hall is, he uses the Rossi Soft boot. He has also been known to use "the Chronic" heavily, so perhaps that is the correlation. Anyhow, he rips (yeah, yeah, mostly in the park, but you should see his big mtn. tricks!), so it that respect, soft boots would equate to a load of grass, not crap.
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I'm disappointed not to see:

Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine

In there, it is a top quality British publication written by very nice people who will be buying me drinks in Whistler in 115 days...

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I don't subscribe to anything - my husband can't stand waiting and ends up buying them immediately and we end up with multiple copies...

My preference:
Powder - undeniably the best
Freeze (it's like reading Maxim or Cosmo - fluff, but I can't help myself)
Ski - I wouldn't buy it, but since it's laying around the house...
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Since I live in the Indiana, it's hard to find good outdoor mags.

Powder-the best I have seen
Skiing-like to look at it
Freeze- I find it funny
Freeskier- I have never seen it, now I am going look for it
Ski- cannot stand it

I find EpicSki to be more imformative then the Mag's, but I do like to look at the Pictures.

I am now looking at some non-skiing mags for camping, hate to buy a piece of cr@p mag.(humm topic for off season)

I use to like Shape but I am finding some of the articals to be lame.
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Problem is I remember when skiing was privately owned and each month their mag was thick with quality, much like snowboarder when it first came out. They had a section devoted to the worldcup races the previous month with great pictures and results. Then they had a section on freestyle where you got to meet Scotty Brooksbank, Wayne Wong, and a host of others. Included was a poster of someone doing a trick off a jump that you pinned to your bedroom wall. Aah that was a good magazine.
Then they sold their magazine to Time Warner and it was downhill from their.

[ August 14, 2002, 07:25 AM: Message edited by: pyramid ]
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I used to subscribe to a newsletter called Fresh Tracks (?) which did not accept advertising which eliminated the commercial bias. The articles and equipment and resort reviews were generally high quality. It had an Eastern bias. Does anyone know if it is still around?
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POWDER sparks the imagination and sense of adventure. I keep it and go back through it years later for some cool story or image.

SKI always lets me down. After paging through the ads, I just throw the thing in the trash.

SKIING has tried, but it always ends up in the trash as well... ('cept that one with Heather Paul on the cover. Ooo-la-la!)

COULOIR has some funky interesting articles and pictures about what I like. I keep Couloir too.

FREEZE : Guess i'm too old
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Originally posted by Bagel:
I used to subscribe to a newsletter called Fresh Tracks (?) which did not accept advertising which eliminated the commercial bias. The articles and equipment and resort reviews were generally high quality. It had an Eastern bias. Does anyone know if it is still around?
Bagel, FirstTracks went web-only a couple of seasons ago. Here's a link: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/
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Just scanned the new POWDER and SKIING and might have to revise my previous opinion. Nice stuff in SKIING by Casimiro and Story. Great to see them get regular slots. That should add depth to the mag. SKIING could climb higher in my own rankings this year.

I thought Story’s description of the San Juan couloir as a “geological Oreo” was outstanding. And Casimiro’s riff on Orion brought on some serious flashbacks. Some other nice literary touches in there, not to mention humor, which is in short supply these days. All in all, a nice first issue. I’ve only been reading SKIING casually the last few years but I think I’ll check it out on a regular basis this season.

I loved some of the photos in the “Slide Show” feature and I think the world of most of those photographers and they deserve every penny they can earn for standing around snapping pictures while everyone else is ripping pow.

But I thought it was cheesy not to mention that the photo contest was conceived by Colorado Ski Country USA, a resort trade group, as part of CSCUSA’s marketing to target a younger, more “rad” audience. I have nothing against that idea per se, but I believe strongly in separating editorial (and that includes photojournalism) from advertising.

This is another case that shows how closely the mainstream ski media is tied to the resort and equipment industry and how that could affect the integrity of the reporting. No harm done in this case, just a bunch of great pix, but do you catch my drift?

A better route - more honest in my mind - would have been for CSCUSA to sponsor the photographs and run them as a special ad section for Colorado resorts, similar to the special section on Canada.

Finally, the Beaver Creek shot looks like it could be of an illegal rail slide built in the woods at that area. In some instances, according to the Forest Service, skiers and snowboarders have been cutting live trees to create renegade terrain parks. Does SKIING magazine sanction that activity? The Forest Service is already struggling to contain environmental damage from illegal trails created by ORVs and mountain bikers – do skiers and snowboarders want to be part of that same problem or part of the solution?
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TomK, a question about firsttracksonline: The newsletter they published cost something, but the web site is free. Neither has advertizers. What - who - pays for that? When I mentioned the newsletter to Andy Bigford of Ski mag a few years ago, I could swear he said something like "we helped set them up", or some such thing. Actually, I would NOT swear to it, but that;s what sticks in my mind from the conversation. Can you, or anyone else, shed more light on First Tracks?
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Buried in the First tracks pae is an email editor contact. Marc could enlighten you on thier history more than my faulty memory will.

Contact info:
- Marc Guido, Publisher and Editor

I believe it went web only when printing/mailing costs got to be too much. It seems(ed) to be very much a "labor of love" like many of the best of the web. Like here.
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Powder is on the news stands, so I bought one. The quality, frankly, is superb. However, the magazine has almost nothing to do with the places I ski, the kind of skiing I prefer and is available to me, and my skill level. Ski and Skiing remain more relevant to what, where and how I ski. In the current Skiing, the training/work-out piece is excellent. The ski areas on which Ski and Skiing report, their instructional articles and fitness training articles, and even their new ski reviews pertain more to the average skier than does Powder. By the way, I don't always think the ski reviews are completely on target, but between the two magazines, I think they're significantly better than useless [even though I have been one of their toughest critics on this web site]and are a good place to start the hunt for new skis.

Why does Powder rank so high in the poll at the beginning of this thread? Perhaps because Powder readers are more loyal and more excited about their favorite mag. I'd wager that if we asked all 2993 members of this site to tell us what the best ski mag is, it would NOT be Powder - not because of quality, but because of relevance to "the average skier". If you're a skier to whom Powder is truly relevant - you have THAT MUCH skill, and you ski THAT MUCH off piste - then you have my envy, my admiration, and my respect. What you DON'T have [hey, lucky you] is my terminal mediocrity as a skier and aversion to life threatening ski venues. Hey,wuss, wuss, wuss . . . so what! There are more of my kind, and we also buy equipment, accomodations and lift tix. Ski and Skiing will survive, thank you.
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If your lucky enough to live in Canada check out SKIER.Ive been an avid reader of Powder for as long as i can rememeber and this new canadian publication is all that Powder is and more.With a senior editor like Leslie Anthony they cant go wrong.If this seasons issues are as good as last years debut im gonna cancel my Powder subscription with no regrets...
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Originally posted by Bagel:
I used to subscribe to a newsletter called Fresh Tracks (?) which did not accept advertising which eliminated the commercial bias. The articles and equipment and resort reviews were generally high quality. It had an Eastern bias. Does anyone know if it is still around?
You're thinking of Inside Tracks. It was great but apparently its publisher decided it wasn't a big enough money maker and pulled the plug. Very unfortunate. It had good reviews of all kinds of equipment. It did have an eastern bias but I don't mind not having the spotlight on where I live.
Powder is best. Skiing is ok and Ski has it's moments. Freeze does nothing for me.
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I voted for Powder, mainly for the photos, the feature articles and the Powdergirl. However, it should be stated that this rag has gone WAY DOWN HILL over the last few years IMHO.

It should now be called JIBBING since their focus has shifted from the essence of skiing, ie Pow, to the tricks of the "New School". Nothing wrong with some jibbing stuff, but that is ALL you see now. It's all about phat air instead of fresh lines. I have my Powder renewal here on my desk, but I am having trouble sending them more money for just more air time.
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I guess I'm in the minority here (does that mean I can qualify for a government skiing subsidy?)
My 1st choice is Ski followed by Colouir, Skiing
and a magazine called Ski Canada when I can get it. (it's really good, with a european column and some other great stuff)
Powder seems to have some kind of rap music attitude to this 50 yr old skier. I don't like it at all.
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