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seth viscious

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i have recently stumbled upon a pair of all new 06' seth's for an incredible price. i dont really care about the graphic, though i do like this one. i love twin tips. i ski back wards a lot, but never fast, o the progressive side cut wont be too bad for me. i want a wide ski that can take anything i throw at it. i ski the taos ski valley most of the time. i have heard mostly good things about the seth. i am basically set for it. i just want to know what the deal is with it on groomed runs? how dous it handle? i'm 6 foot 4 and 215 pound, so i can basically make any ski turn like a carver. i am just worried about the bad reviews i have read. thanks in advance.

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What size? Anything but the 189 will be too short and soft for you.
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hey there... this is an amazing ski.

im 6'0 180lb and ski the 189cm length with a mojo15 binding, let me tell you this thing absolutely rips ANY terrain... i ski mostly eastern conditions but i do ski out west for about a month every year. if you like a medium flexing ski that will do everything i definitly recommend you get it.
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