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need help pickin out a board

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Im into cruzin, a lil more on the fast side. i hit big natural jumps i like to do 360's but never in the park ... which freeride board is the best? I like the design on the ROme, and burton, the NS seems the the most advanced board, its just kinda ugly and i really cant seem to make out what the design really is... anyhow if anyone knows about these boards please post and if u have and idea how wide is should go? im a size 12.5, would 26.7w cut it? also im 6 3" 200 lbs should i get something over 164cm?



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First, I know nothing about the Rome.

As far as the NS and the Burton, they are both great boards. If your feet are 12.5's, then the width of both of these boards will help, but if you like to ride with high edge angles, you will have to ride with higher binding angles to avoid heel/toe drag.

As far as length, at your size, if you really like to go fast, I would go with more length. However, I see you are from MC, so length would be optional there - too many meat gates.

It seems to me that you are comparing apples to oranges, though, with the Titan and the Baron ES. If you are looking at NS, consider the Legacy compared to the Baron ES. The pricepoint is different, but the boards are more similar. The Baron ES is a little more FS oriented IMO where the Titan is more FR oriented. The Legacy, like the Baron ES, is also a little more FS oriented (and wider than either of your choices).

In any case, you can't go wrong with either. I now own the Legacy, but have not ridden the Titan. Those who have tell me great things. I have had too many Burtons to mention and I think that their boards ride really well - I have no complaints. I would also recommend looking at a Donek Incline Wide. If you REALLY want to go fast, that would be a good choice - and it is in your pricepoint.
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You can also get lifters to lift the binding/your toes higher off the snow. This will help to prevent boot out on boards/stance angles where your toes hang over the edge. Hang 10 Baby!
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Hey Rusty,
Have you ever used lifters? I find that they are pretty worthless. I have even had custom lifters made that were over an inch thick. At most, they can give you 3 - 5 degrees. If you use high edge angles, you are going to drag anyway. Just my observation.
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Rome Boards


Rome was founded by ex Burton guys on the engineering and product development side, so their gear is pretty on point. THis link kind of sums up their story: http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/...e_headroom.php

Check out their Flag model if you've got wider feet. I ride their agent, which is wide-ish, but my feet are only 10's.
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I've used lifters on skis but not on boards. If 3-5 degrees isn't enough, you can always go higher!

Helooooooooo down der!
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I wish that I had pics of the custom lifts that I had. They were so high that they were just silly. They still did not help all that much. Wider board and higher angles is the only way to carve hard with big feet IMO. Heck, I am already looking down on everyone (by height, not attitude), the last thing I need is to be taller.
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