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Upgrade boots?

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I'm skiing on a pair of last generation Raichle Flexon Ts that I love (the nice yellow guys with black buckles). They fit perfectly and are super responsive in all conditions. I have been skiing on them for a number of years now and I'm wondering if it's time for an upgrade. I have long narrow feet and I was looking at the new Dalbello Krypton Pro's and the Salomon Falcon 10's. Is it worth leaving my custom raichle's behind in search of something better? Is there anything better? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

let it snow
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I think this one is def. for Phil....
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They're all different - Flexon, Krypton, Falcon - whether they are "better" for you is hard to say with the information you've provided so far. Is there anything that you disliked about your Flexons? If not, then the new Full Tilt Flexons may be a better idea. The fit of the Krypton and the Falcon are definitely different than the Flexon, but maybe your Flexon fit isn't quite as perfect as you think it is - then it would be worth at least trying some pairs out in the shop.
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If you truly have long narrow feet, definitely look into the Langes - especially their race-fit models.
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There are lots of options for high end 'narrow' boots, but...

If you love your Flexons look into Full Tilt, same boot. Exact same boot.

"they fit perfect and are responsive in all conditions..." why are you looking for new boots?? Sounds like what you have is working well for you, I'd stick with it until you NEED to change.
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The Krypton has it all over the Flexon/Full Tilt. As I have posted many times before, the "Krypton is a Flexon on steriods". Your foot will be right at home in the Krypton and you will notice much more control and power from it than the old Flexon. I got in my Flexons after skiing the Krypton and the Flexon just felt dead. The Falcon is a great choice of a boot, if you must go to a 4 buckle overlap though. But it comes down to, what fits your foot.
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