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I am the proud owner of new Atomic Metron B5's and as such have a nice pair of Atomic R10's to sell. These are a very decent pair of Atomic R10's with the CR412 bindings in the 180 length. They are a nice pair of skis if you are happy with something from 2004. I personally bought them new and skied on them for no more than 40 days. The topcoats show a few nicks on the tails but otherwise they are in fine shape. Bases are very good.

I certainly won't hold you up either. Two ski shops said they are worth between $100 and $200. With the integrated binding system they listed new for about $1100.

I started on the R10's after about a 25 year layoff and they got me right back into skiing blues and blacks so they are a serious ski. I simply am so into skiing again that I wanted the latest and the best so I stepped up to the B5. The R10's are a good ski no qualficiations, no conditions.

PM me if you have any interest and I'll give you a mobile number or email to further discuss.