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Colorado Trip

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Closed down Steamboat on the 11th. Nice conditions. A little fresh but not the usual. Only the upper part of the mountain was ok.The lower part was unskiable for the most part.

Spent most of the trip in Summit County where we found A Basin on the 12th awesomely good with fresh powder and all the chutes of the East Wall open. Was so nice I skied it again on the 13th.

Went to Keystone the next day with some friends who had never been there. The Outback and North Peak were allright after the ice softened up. Good thing i'm used to skiing ice.pretty much had the slopes to ourselves and besides, the Kickapoo Tavern had cold Fattire on Tap.

went to Copper the following day only to find all the back bowls closed. I did enjoy the hike to Spaulding bowl and the trip down wasn't too bad with a fresh coating and some wind blown stuff for a surface. Copper's sceenery is so awesome, it made the day really nice.

Next day found us at Vail for some skiing in conditions that felt like Summer. Must have been at least 65 degrees. Most of the backside was closed but made our way to Blue Sky Basin where the trees and steeps were real nice. Also hit my favorite bump run on the front side, Look Ma. Nice soft bumps with a cold brew waiting at Mid Vail.

A Basin was so nice we closed out the trip there on Saturday with a litle bit of hiking, Pali and BBQ in the sun. Wow. only lasted till 1 pm but 7 days of skiing in a row was alot for the ole Lars.

My thoughts on the close of a fine ski season. Four trips to Colorado and some fill in days at H.V. and Holimont made for an Epic Season for me. Sharing them with all my friends like you guys, all the discussions and fun made it a fun year at Epic Ski for me.

Thanks everyone and have a good Summer.
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Thks Lars, A good Summer to you too.
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Lars, glad to hear you had a good time. Sorry I missed you, I was out of town when you posted that you would be here or I would have definitely met you at A-Basin!
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