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Talk about lazy...

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Last season was my first with a roof-top box. I threw in 3 pairs of skis, 1-snowboard, 1-pair xc skis and poles, 3-pairs of ski poles too, oh and a plastic sled - and I left them in there for most of the season, only taking them out to use or to work on them. Well at least I took the box off in the spring.

Just last week I finally unpacked the ski bag from our trip to CO in March. And the only reason I did that was because I was looking for a face-mask my kid wanted to use in his Halloween costume. It was in there with 2-pairs of skis and poles, a bunch of ski socks, probably dirty ski socks, a couple of balaclavas, gators and a windbreaker I'd been looking for.
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Geez, I hope you were wearing a haz-mat suit.....
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