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Best Mittens

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I have to admit, mittens keep my hands toasty.

Unfortunaly the pair a have been using, Burton Toaster Mits, have given up the ghost after 3 years of hard use.

I was wondering what do you use or recomend for a winter mit. I'm looking for something that is either all leather or at least has a leather palm. I also like having a removable lining, but that doesn't have to happen.

Just looking for some input.

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Hestra Army Leather Heli Mitt, the best mitten made.
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You may hate this but as backups for really cold days I use a mitten from Walmart. They run @$12.00

It has a flap on the fingers that can be pulled back to leave your fingers free for (whatever).

My ski buddies have high dollar gloves and are constantly cold in bad weather, my Walmart mittens keep my hands toasty and I can still reach in my pocket for a wipe to clean my goggles.

I do use fancy gloves most of the time but when they get wet or cold its back to the WallyWorld mittens.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Hestra Army Leather Heli Mitt, the best mitten made.
I was going to tell you to do a search as there are a lot of posts (many recent) on this subject, but Whiteroom already gave you the answer....
Also try the 3 fingered mitts from Hestra. They offer a little more dexterity.
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Thanks for all the advice. I did to a search after the post...oops. I checked out the Hestras and they look good. Might have to go with them. Nothing against Wal-Mart gloves though .
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also check cabellas. Their choppers may cut it. Every year I buy the all deer-skin goretex work gloves for 30 bucks. The short cuff fits nicely inside my jacket. I hate expensive gloves.
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Let me offer my opinion...

I was also on the quest for the best pair of mitts this year. I tend to go overboard, so as a result, I ordered 8 different pairs of mitts from the following manufacturers (yes, I know I have issues). I ordered each manufacturer's top of the line mitt.

Mountain Hardwear
North Face
Black Diamond
Outdoor Research

Now, I haven't used any of the mitts on the slopes, but I've tried them all on several times at home. The Black Diamond Mercury Mitt is definitely my favorite and it's the one I kept coming back to. Many of the mitts have a flaw where the inner lining doesn't flex at the same point that the outer shell does, making it tough to grip things like ski poles. This was a big issue on many of the mitts I tried.

If it weren't for the Black Diamond Mercury Mitt, I probably would have chosen the Hestra Gore-Tex XCR mitt (see Neither were perfect, but I felt that the Black Diamonds were better overall. My only real complaint about the Black Diamonds are that they don't use gore-tex, but instead use a proprietary membrane called Bdry. I'm sure it's fine, but would have preferred gore-tex as it's most likely more breathable.

The Hestras biggest flaws were:

1. The leather is white and there are no other options, so they'll probably get dirty and look bad pretty quickly.

2. The inner liner is not removable (not as big of an issue for some, but it's a nice feature).

3. The insulation is fiberfil/qualofil and not Primaloft (far superior). Most of the gloves I tested (if not all) had Primaloft except for the Hestras.

Other than these flaws, the Hestras are well designed and seem very rugged. I just think the Black Diamonds are better overall. You can get them from REI or - both of which have unconditional money back guarantees even after using the product if you're not 100% satisfied. As a plus, the Black Diamonds are cheaper than any other mitt I tested ($80).

And yes, all the other mitts have been returned!
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Hestra's are real real nice
I have Cloudveil Troller mitts that I like quite a bit

Hands are too cold to ski in a glove
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Swany Toaster. Love em when it's really cold.
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marmot randonee mitts

I switched to mitts after an extremely cold day at Bromley.
I'll admit I paid $80.00 for them at a preseason sale for 20%off,
they really work well in many ranges of temp too.
I'm constantly trying to fumble thru too many pockets on the lift and find that they will reheat a frosty paw much better than any glove could.
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The Hestra 3 finger mitten is leather and has a flap insert area for a hand warmer. Buy by the case at COSTCO real cheap, the handwarmers. Also this mitten comes with a glove insert. With handwarmer they are very warm.
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I have Kombi leather mittens and have never been cold. I also have Grandoe which are sooooo soft, but the leather doesn't hold up well.
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To tell you the truth, I can't name one ultimate pair of mittens. Why? Because my hands may just have the worst circulation ever. I've tried MANY different types of mittens (as gloves of course were no good) all w/ the same result, frozen hands (even in 50 degree weather!). I know, it makes no sense at all. How do I ski comfortable all day? Mittens + grabber mycoal hand warmers, I go through 20+ packs of those per year. Without them, my hands turn completely pink and I can't move my fingers. With them in, I can ski comfortably, having to heat my thumbs on the lift, as they still freeze without being able to make contact w/ the warmer.
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I too use the hand warmers when I can. It's just that when I'm skiing I find them to be a bit bulky, and I was hoping there was another way.
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