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Eastern Townships?

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I'm looking for a low cost, low crowds option for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I know - can't be done. I want to avoid the usual suspects - Okemo. Kton, etc. but I know snow making can be a major issue at that time of year.

So what I am asking is what do any bears know about the Eastern Township areas? Do they benefit from the "Jay Cloud" effect or are they too far from there. Do they draw masses of Xmas vacationers? Do they have decent snowmaking? Oh and do they have inexpensive lodging for my son and I and possibly another dad and his 2 boys. And the skiing? We are all decent skiers kids 11-13 have all been on skis since they were 3 so they can handle all but the toughest terrain.
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The Eastern Townships do benefit from what you call the Jay Cloud. Areas like Sutton, Orford and Owl's Head make more snow than Jay and get less wind. The challenge for you will be crowds over the holidays. There are great values in the area off mountain at Xmas perhaps Sherbrooke. I really like the skiing in the eastern Townships and can find plenty of challenge but the best trails and glades require the sweetness of fresh snow.
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Because this thread is useless without pics.

Sous-bois V @ Sutton from the chair.

Fun, fun, fun.
(3 of my favourite runs)
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Very cool pics-- I'm thinking the ET's also but later in the yr say early feb . So i too would be interested in feedback
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Tiny hills compared to Jay. When I go to Jay at the end of each season, I inexpensively stay across the border in the town of Sutton, PQ. The drive to Jay is easy, but a long half hour at the speed limit. Then if you want a change after dark, you can drive from your Sutton hotel to Montreal for a good meal. Look at Google maps or Mapquest to see how easy it is.
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Originally Posted by HerbG View Post
Tiny hills compared to Jay. .
Agreed. Early season snow making at Jay is pretty boney compared to what the Eastern Townships ski areas make. When the confined to skiing Jay's snow making runs like the Jet, Jay doesn't ski for big.
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Nice thread ('cause we're thinking of this area as well, thanky!).

For long, steep groomers, which is the best in E. Townships?

For last week of March, which more reliable (yeah, crap shoot)?

Le Massif and Mt. St. Anne, the former MUCH less crowded on weekends?

And, for same type of runs, which better?

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