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Skivisions Skisharp

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Has anyone used one of these tools? Do you have a file guide you like? I like tuning my skis but don't want to muck up the edges. Any suggestions?
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I haven't used those tools.

I use a stone, gummy stone, 3 diamond files, and a carbide world cup race bevel tool similar to this Edge Tool

Look to buy tools at Snowshack or Tognar

Get your edges sharpened by a good tuning shop that uses ceramic edging machines.

Once the base and edge bevels are set all you need to do is touch them up using the stones and occasionally using a bevel tool on the sides.

There is no need to use a bevel guide if your edges are tuned after every use just by doing a fast run with a stone for case hardened nicks from rocks, then maybe a black diamond stone if there are serious nicks and dings, then a blue diamond stone for normal maintenance, and then a red diamond stone for final polishing. Some people then use a gummy stone for the shaving that may be left behind on the edges. Also if you detune the tips and tails you must dull them. I personally use sand paper to dull the very tip and tails areas.

Just remember when using a file freehand that you make sure it is resting flat on the edge so you don't mess them up.
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SVST (Sun Valley ski Tools) Final Cut base bevel guides are the best. All aluminum construction and you can't over bevel with them. They are at Race Werks. Their side edge guide is also good

Side of Beast Pro from The Race Place is good for side edge work.

With both you need to know what bevel angles you desire

In regard to diamond stones (diamond files) I like MaPlus/MoonFlex from Race Werks. They come in 4 different grits. They are bullet proof and do a great job of polishing. Also, you must use a gummi stone to remove the burr created after you have done any sharpening or polishing!

I use a guide any time I'm working on the edges. Too much risk of goofing up your bevel if you freehand!

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I don't use that guide, but have a number of different ones, for different specific applications. I have adjustables for my onhill bag and for when working on skis which the owners don't know their angles, and fixed for race tuning where most athletes know the tune of their skis. I also do freehand when guides are not available, but I have been tuning skis since I was 13.

When tuning, use sharp files. Toss when dull and pull out a new one. Use stones to remove burrs caused by rocks so the heat tempering can be removed, which is the cause of premature file death. After filing, diamond stones from medium to extra fine put a nice hone on the edge for extra sharpness.
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Check out the tool featured on SwissCarve.com
It's under "Stockli Stuff" on the menu.
I think this would do the trick. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Try www.race-werks.com for all you tuning needs.give them a call @ 1-800-741-3986 i'm sure they would be happy to answer any questions you might have. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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