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K2 Recon vrs K2 XP

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My local shop has a good deal on a pair of 174cm K2 XP's.
The dimensions are the same as the new Recons.

Does anyone know if these are the same skis OR did
they change the flex going to the Recon?


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There was a post earlier about these two skis. IIRC, the XP is a lower level ski than the Recon, some of the ingredients that make a Recon what it is are missing. Think Margerine vs. Butter. Also I recall it is a grey market ski, so if that is the case, K2 will not cover warranty. Sometimes these skis are great values though when you consider all of the "costs/risks".
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I have a pair of XP's that are probably 4 years old this season. I though the XP was the precursor to the Recon. XP's from several seasons ago had the "dual core" top like the original K2 Mod construction. This XP skis very damp but is very versatile. Will plow through anything and has a 17 meter turning radius. I don't ski mine very often anymore , but really liked the ski. I never sked the Recon so can't offer a comparison.

I wasn't aware of the XP ski Phil referenced. The first year I had mine I went to Fernie and they were having their worst snow year in over a decade. I was hoping to ski some powder and ended up nicking the edges and bottoms on rocks. The ski shop at Fernie patched the bottoms and gave me a tune for free and apologized for the poor conditions.
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I owned a pair of Axis XP's, & have skied on the Recons. I thought they were pretty similar. Great 1 ski quiver type.
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I went from XP's, which I loved, to their successor, the Recon. Only difference I noticed between the two is a slightly different turning point and maybe better on ice. Same dimensions, etc., but for some reason the turn feels a bit different. I have skied them back to back within minutes of each other and they are extremely similar. I think the Recon is better on hardpack, but that's about it.
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