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Burn Out. What pain!

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The strangest and most painfull thing happened to me this ski season. It's not easy to discribe. Something that in my 20+ years of skiing, coaching, and racing have never had happen. I got BURNED OUT. It started at the end of January and I have only now at the begining of March been able to pull myself out. The reason I say it's painfull is because skiing is my life it's what I do. And to not want to even come close to a ski area HURTS!

There are many factors that contributed to my depression and burn out that in hien site I see now.

It started in early September with dry land training combined with a very early on snow start date. Then add a new job title and a lot more responsability and work. So far this is ok, I can handle it. Now lets add that I didn't get to sleep in my own bed most of the week because I was on the road going to races non stop. Driving all over New England, New York, and Canada. But what really got me was my own personal skiing. I did not trust my equipment so the level I should be at was never attained and that really pissed me off. My results at races were not up to par. And to top it all off I got really sick in Febuary. There are more factors but these are some of the big ones.

This came to a point where other coaches and parents noticed something was wrong. They would ask what was wrong but to tell the truth I didn't know. I just hated being on the hill. It was hard, you don't want to tell the parents of your junior racers that you could give to shits about how they do next weekend because all you want to do is go home crack a beer and watch tv.

I don't mean to be pissing and moaning but I just wanted to know if any other Bears have had Burn out? I mean I love skiing. I'm on snow every single day. But when you get pissed off just because your there doing it it screws with you. You start disliking it and you find reasons to avoid it.

Now I must say I am feeling 100% better. I got some new skis and boots that changed my skiing. I have started to place where I should be in races and to top it off one of my Junior girls won the over all at Empire State Games won the over all at Junior Olympics and made it to Nationals in Lake Placid this month.

So, my question again. Have any Bears had skiing Burn Out? And if so, how did you deal with it. How did you first realize you had it. Is it possible to avoid?

Thanks Guys and maybe we'll see some of you at Nationals in a couple of weeks.

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CERAF: I have had burn out twice in my skiing career. Once was about 1979. I had gotten so that hucking was the only thing that rocked my socks. I was interested in skiing only a handful of resorts as the rest were not challenging.

How did I notice it. It was mechanical going up then comming down. I switched to telemark to bring some excitement back into skiing. It worked, I was lousy.

The second time came about 6 years ago as I was bored with everything and age was taking its toll on my ability to keep up. What I didn't know as that my skiing was getting no better so my age was becoming a factor in keeping up.

How did I notice. I felt old as hell. What did I do, I became a ski instructor. That was way more therapy than switching to telemark.

Unfortunately both solutions were a complete switch. That may not be in your cards.
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I burned out after only two years of bumming back in the 70's
Skiing IS NOT the purpose of life!
We know that.
Skiing can be fun however, and I am glad I started again. But when I did restart, I must admit, I wanted to learn how to ski well.
That keeps the day to day thing in perspective. I wait for snow fall however.

No help, I know, just comiseration.

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Cera F, sounds to me like you became very depressed. Wanting to stay home crack a beer and watch TV is a part of not wanting to interact with others. Was it just skiing or other aspects of your life?
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