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Volkl AC4 binding problem?

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I have a pair of AC4's from last year with the integrated motion AT PCOS binding. The bindings have sort of come loose a little bit and can be moved back and forth a small amount (one or two mm) and to a lesser extent side to side. They don't rattle around but you can definitely move them quite easily. I don't think they are moving so much on the rail, as the toe and heel pieces are can move independently. However once the boot locks into the binding there is no more motion and the setup is pretty solid.

Has anyone encountered this problem? I sent an email to Volkl, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
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I know it's not the same but...

I noticed something similar with my hot rod top fuel integrated bindings which I posted about here. The play was side to side only though and not "tip to tail". Once the boot locks in the play is almost completely gone and I haven't noticed any negative effects on the snow. My Volkl vertigo motions bindings didn't have any play on the track that they sat on. Maybe it's time for a trip to the shop to have them inspected?
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I had a pair of 724pro's that were rock solid, as well as another pair (don't ask) of ac4's with motion AT racing bindings that don't move at all. It doesn't seem to affect the way the skis perform because the bindings hold the boot very well with none of the aforementioned "looseness" when clicked in.
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I noticed the same thing last ski season. I just went down stairs to check my AC4s with PCOS bindings. I have the same toe and heal movement without the boots locked in the binding. The 5 stars also have heal movement with no movement in the toe. Both ski bindings have NO movement when the boots are locked in place.

I never had an issues with the way the AC4s or 5 star skis performed. The AC4s have got to be the most fun pair of skis I have ever owned.
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Yea, I agree, I don't think this is really an issue once the boots are clicked in. The weird thing is, I've done a pretty extensive search for this problem, not only for volkl's, but nordica's and k2's as well and nothing like this has been reported by anyone here.

It now seems that this is a pretty common occurance?
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I just got this reply from volkl:

>> As long as the binding is tight when the boot is in it there is no problem. You should have the binding tested if you think there might be a problem though. Any Marker dealer can do that.

Basically what has already been said here...just coming from Volkl's mouth.
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