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K2 Nancy's ?

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Hello, I am in the works of getting a backcountry set up and i am looking for a second opinion. My litttle delima is the only size i can get the K2 Nancy's in is a 169. I am 5' 3" about 150 lbs (a few added beer pounds from the summer). I consider my self a agressive skier. I will ski almost anything. I know that i should go longer for a powder ski. I just dont want to end up with too much ski. I'm pretty sure i can handle the ski i just need a little reassurance before i make the purchase.
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FYI - CO Ski & Golf is having a demo weekend at Loveland this weekend, you might be able try them out there.
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good to know! thanks
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The Nancy is a twin tip and does ski a little shorter that a flat ski as a result. If this is going to be a B/C and powder ski I think you'll do just fine on the 169
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I just got to touch the ski this weekend. Couldn't demo them, but could manhandle them. They're a bit of a noodle, just so you know. Guy I was talking to about them said that some testers said that the Nancy didn't have huge stability at speed, but if you're doing pure back country and not into super fast stuff it may be what you're looking for. The G3 Rapid Transit may be of interest to you if you can find it. They've got a nice women's specific if you like - the Siren, but it's a little smaller in the waist.
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I made the purchase

Thanks for the info guy's. I just bought the Nancy's. I will be using them in the backcountry only so the should be fun. I do like to ski fast but with the length and where i will be skiing they should do. If the ski is too much i guess i will have to step it up a notch. Thanks again!!!
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