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Powder Mountain Instructors

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Does anyone recommend a particluar ski instructor at Powder Mountain? We're heading out to SLC mid-December and staying in Eden will probably ski about 4 days in that area and make a couple of trips into either LCC or BCC. I want to take a lesson the first day to turbo-knock the rust off ... thus the question about recommending ski instructor at PM. Thanks....
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We were guided by an excellent chap there, Dave was his name. He was an older gentleman (early 50s?), big and cheerful, knew the area like the back of his hand (I think he's a local), and I think he got his level II last winter. Ski school will know him, I think he's one of their senior guys.

He's a good instructor, and if you want someone to take you out the back and show you the really, really good stuff, he's the guy for that, too.
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thanks, ant.

i'm scouting out a Powder Mountain lesson, too.

also, if anyone knows any female instructors there, do recommend, as my girlfriend may be more amenable to a (needed) lesson if taught by a woman.
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Sorry Ryan, we only met Dave. Ski School really rolled out the red carpet for us that day! I'd actually trust them to recommend someone for you... ring and see who you speak to, it's a very small school run out of a wooden shed-type structure, mainly locals, so they know each other pretty well I should think.
A lot of ladies seem to prefer female instructors.
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the link below would seem to suggest not a whole lot of difficulty in finding someone for her, IF she's intersested in a lesson. (however, since i'm learning the scuba thing for her, i'm hoping she'll at least consider reciprocating. but if not, that's alright.)

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Yeah, those women's programmes are great, especially for women who request female instructors. The whole environment is perfect for them. Can't praise them enough!

You wanna grab Dave for that outback tour (off the cat)... it blew my socks off. He knows the whole place, where the best snow is, and how to get back.
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Gaaah, i'm an official idiot. The bloke at Powder Mountain was called CRAIG, not Dave. (checked my trip diary). Sorry about that people. Craig. Craig the very good bloke for showing you all the secret best skiing at Powder Mountain.
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