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Jackson Hole in April

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As a former ski bum, this is how much my life sucks:
I have five days off in early April ( 3 days of skiing) and am trying to figure out the best place to go. I've never been to Jackson and have heard great things but have also heard that the eastern exposure can make things interesting in the late season. So do I go to Jackson and pray for the best or take a less risky to Summit County, CO?

Let me know of your experiences with spring in Jackson Hole.
Paul Fairbanks
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Wouldn't be my first choice for April. Snowbird, Squaw or Whistler would all be up there and way better choices than Summit Co.
3 out of 5 days doesn't sound too good either, where you coming from?
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if i am not mistaken - JH closes the first week in april.
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Originally Posted by Marty View Post
if i am not mistaken - JH closes the first week in april.
Marty, you're normally right but this winter the closing date is Sunday, April 8, 2007. The ski corp extended the date because of a relatively large group of skiers that were willing to book rooms for that week at several Teton Village hotels.

Paul, spring skiing at Jackson Hole is very controversial. You'll get lots and lots of differing opinions.

Personally, I love skiing here that time of year and I'm thrilled that the area will be open an "extra" week this season. You can run into anything from powder (not super likely but it definitely happens) at one end of the spectrum to horrible warm slop at the other end of the spectrum.

Because of the predominant easterly aspect of our mountain, the spring sun can really affect the snow here. We also have a relatively low base elevation at 6,300 feet. That means that when the weather is warm and sunny, the sun will have a huge impact on the snow. Now, because we have such a huge mountain with so much elevation change (our top elevation is 10,450') and so many ridges and bowls with different aspects, I believe you can find very good (sometimes INCREDIBLY good) conditions somewhere on the mountain all through the day.

Many other people don't agree with me.

I will say that I think this is a situation where local knowledge REALLY can make a difference. If you know the rudiments about how to chase the sun around a mountain, you can find a wonderful mix of conditions here in April.

So.... buyer beware.

Other ski resorts in Colorado and Utah (and California, Oregon, and Washington, I'm sure) probably offer more predictable, more reliable snow in April. But when you hit it well here that time of year, you can experience a brand of skiing that you hardly ever find anywhere else.
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