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ski boot help

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ok ive just been down to a local snow and rock shop in england in search of a pair of boots and i think its down to Salomon course 80s of falcon 100's. they have orderd falcons in my size so i can try em on. rite heres the dilema.

im 8 1/2 stone with size 24.5 mndo (size 5 eng) feet and only 5ft and a few inches but am 20yrs old. the guy recomended going for a stiff junior boot as ill be quite heavy for a junior boot, (course 60 was to flexible). I see it as if i go for some of the adult boots which do my size, ill have to go for a flexible boot as i aint got enough weight to chuck about to make em flex, and because they are not race boots so they wont hug my feet as much as some junior race boots? this correct?

could any people in the know try to explain which boot would be better?

i can ski mostly on reds and will probably do so in my weeks sking this year, mite do a few blacks but they destroyed me last year. Also might do the odd bit of racing for uni club this year but only on the B team, so it wont be serious going for gold and it may never materialise. ive skied for two weeks on snow but also ski every week for a couple of hours messsing about on the dry slope.

could someone please advise me on what sort of boot would suit me better?
and how do i no how much flex i want in my boot?
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falcon 100's are a high end jr race boot, The adult ones are falchon 9,10, and race.

you can make any boot softer, and larger, not the other way.

what boot would suit you, that is what a boot fitter is for,

you want a boot to flex as much as you can (without the boot on)
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how do mean flex as much as you can without the boot on? confused
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without shoes on, feet shoulder width apair, facing forward. bend you ankles and stop when your heels lift up. that is your ankle flexon in bare feet, you should be able to flex you boots about the same amount
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