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For the Girl - Volkl s-1 Attiva

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Skier is age 15, 5'6", 110# and I'd say, a level I who can ski blues fine. She snowplows. Abbey really wants to improve this season.

She is presently on a novice Soloman, which is too long 160cm.

Here's what I have found. (Keep in mind the limited funds.) New - Volkl S-1 Attiva, $240 includes the binding and mounting, add tax. I am thinking 149cm.

It seems like a good way to go. If she improves those skis should accomodated her some of the way. If she really improves, I'll gladly upgrade.

Any thoughts, comments, or concideration.
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Without any knowledge of the ski I'd say do it just for the length improvement. A 110 pound novice girl will have a much better time on a 149 women's specific.
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I'd suggest if you can find the price to get a set of K2 First Luvs in 153. I had a similar ski (got them right after my first 3 lessons cause the rental skis were horrible). If I hadn't already sold my Mystery Luvs when I upgraded last year I'd offer them. For reference I'm 5'4 125lb female skier (started skiing xmas 2004). The Mystery Luvs (and their cousin First Luvs) were a great ski for me to get my start on. They were consistent and forgiving... also light on my feet, unlike the unisex rentals I had for lessons. I upgraded after a year on them, but it was worth it.
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We've been looking at the First Luv and the price is $100. more. Sounds like a great ski though.
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I see that Al's ski barn has the 05-06 model flat for $199, so I'd bet you can find em for about the same price as the S1's. If you want to have a look Al's is at www.untracked.com. There is really no difference between this year's model, last years model and the model I had (04-05) so you can look at "older" skis.

You could probably call some brick and mortar shops (rather than driving out to them) to check model, size, price availability. Many will be trying to move the remnants of last year (or before) stock. you could even try ski market. I wouldn't recommend them for boot fitting, but you can find your skis there for a good price sometimes.
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Will try it.

In the mean time, Abbey is excited about the Attiva's. I may strike while they are available.
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Don't know the ski, but sounds reasonable.

Unfortunately, REI.com appears to have sold out their stock of 2005-06 K2 Apache Jrs at $75. No flowery graphics (black with red and white), but a real solid ski. My 9-year-old 4'8", 70-pound daughter started skiing the 136s last season and her coach couldn't stop raving about how much her technique improved in just the first three hours. So when REI.com put them on sale for $75, I picked up the 146s and 153s for her to grow into when the 136s get passed down to her younger brothers.
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Not to change skis, but since the question is out there. My wife has the same type of skiing skills--different stats: 5'4", 128lbs, 40 years old.

We got what appears to be a really good deal on a pair of Attiva AC1's. $250.00 mounted with the Marker Motion 10.0 (or is it 9.0) bindings at 146 cm. Is this a good ski for a relatively cautious, barely intermediate skier? Thanks.
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