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Atomic vs. Head boots

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I am looking for a pair of new boots. I have found two boots that fit me reasonably well - the Atomic m90W and Head Dream Thang 10 superheat3.

I am 30, female, 5,6' and quite heavy - 160lbs. My previous boots were Lowa rs 4. I have wide calf (usually the problem area), very narrow heel, not too wide forefoot, low volume foot, and size 25/25,5 (depending on the shell, 250mm foot). I ski mostly XScreams in 178cm, and I am a bit aggressive, but not extremely aggressive skier, level 7/8. Lange Exclusive 80 was way too high volume in forefoot/ankle. Nordicas I coud not try, Fischers did not fit in the calf area, Salomon was reasonable, but they did not have the performance boots available to try. Anything with wide last is probably too wide - my Meindl hiking boots are with the women's narrow last (B-width).

Do you have opinions on these boots? I could not choose, they both felt ok. Head may be a bit softer flex in practice and a bit more padded (warmer?) than the Atomic. Both feel good to me. I also tried the Technica diablo flame, they were ok, but somehow I was more impressed by the other two. I don't mind a bit softer flex than I have at the moment, but I definitely cannot ski extremely soft boots. I could not get to try the Head S11 lady - how do they compare to these two boots?

Yes, I know that the only way to find the right boot is to try them on, but I found two boots with a good fit and have hard time choosing. Do you have eny other suggestions - is there something else I should try on?
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Dabello makes a womens boot that caters to large calf and small/narrow foot. This is a common boot fit issue with women. I hang around a shop that has an awesome fitter and it seems that the majority of women have the same leg shape as you and need a boot that is made specifically for women. I have a wide foot with a skinny heel and have a fit problem that I only have found a good fit in Dabello. It also helps to have a great fitter. Good luck.
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I tried a pair of Dalbellos, they were nice - but they did not have the higher end boots to try, and the raya 7 was too soft. Any ideas which boot in their line would be stiffer? I would be happy to try a pair.
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Head are the ONLY manufactuer to make a womens SHELL LAST.

I'll say it again, incase I'm misunderstood.

Head are the ONLY manufactuer to make a womens SHELL LAST.

Having said that, you should still choose the boot with the best shell fit, all other parameters are relatively easily tweakable.
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Just bought my wife Head 's . The fit was superior to all others she tried .
She tried Technica, Nordica ,Atomic, Rossi, Dolomite, Salomon and Lange in several models

Last yr she was on Dalbello 's when she suffered an INSIDE THE BOOT compound fracture . They were Mushy and too high but these Heads seem to be the snuggest fit with the best feel

Head model she selected was the EZON2 8.5 and got a full size smaller than the Dalbello's .

BTW, she's 63, looks twenty --twenty five years younger is 5' 4"" 124 lbs and IN SHAPE----- a multi sport participant for many yrs
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