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Masters racing

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I need new new boots but we're on a severe budget this year after moving here to California so was hoping to find a good pair of used boots or by chance find some shop who delt with USSA Race form purchases. Does anyone any any information on how that program works and who in Nor Cal particpates? Does it offer good savings? Is it like the old prop forms that were offered (maybe they still are but it was in the 70's and early 80's is when I worked at a ski shop) once upon a time?

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Check at starthaus, they are a race specialty shop in Truckee (starthaus.com) the site in't up to date but would imagine their contact info is. They've got some deals on last years boot and skis, and they probably have a USSA discount on the current skis.

I just called and inquired about skis I wanted, they gave me a price I was happy with, gave then CC number and got my skis a couple days later.

They were very easy to deal with and will be buying from them again (hopefully they are open and just haven't updated their website).
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Chipmtu: Thanks for your reply and help. What sort of discount is typical?
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How racy do you want your boots to be?

I carry Nordica....D150,130,100 130 Hot Rod, Lange 130 WC and HP, Tecnica 130, Atomic CS 100. Some Nordys are '06 closeouts @ 50% off msrp, other boots are '07's. Racer price is 20% off MSRP with current USSA #

My store is located in Sacramento. My head bootfitter (me) worked in the Lange race dept for 5 years.

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Sierra Jim, I'll be by this weekend. Thanks. Mike
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