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Face Shots

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Just in from Mt.Bachelor,Or.
Face Shots and Snow in the mouth.
Should stop smiling so much.
Film @ 11.
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Thanks for sharing...Only face shots I'm getting these days are from my own hands as I slap my own face in disbelief whilst reading about all this Western snow....

We are on the way to 70 degrees here today in the NE....

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Sorry about your luck. I guess I better not post any pictures. One more insult couldn't hurt. We had 17 new over-night @ 17 degrees and it's snowing hard this morning. How many times have you driven by your exit on the big road and had to turn around cause you were daydreaming about skiing? Tennis anyone?

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Slider I feel your pain. This weekend it was knee to waist deep at Stevens pass and I also was blinded by the show rushing in my face. I think I also messed my pants a few times also. I think this is going to be a great year.
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