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Tahoe Living

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Looking for some friendly info on N. Tahoe. I'm trying to make the big move from the east coast and am looking for some advice on finding an apartment, cool spots, best skiing etc. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
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Watcha want to know? Most of the people who come here to ski live in Tahoe City, Truckee or along the Squaw or Alpine Meadows access roads. The easiest & cheapest is to get a room in a house with others -- you can find postings for such things at the post office or various bulletin boards around town.

You will not regret the move! Plus, we're due for a big winter.
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Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try to get a pass at Squaw, and am already leaning towards Tahoe City over Truckee. I spoke to pretty chill guy with a house in highlands yesterday. I told him I would get in touch when I get there, but it seemed like a good deal.
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Ok AC I'm a count'in on ya for that BIG Winter. It's snowing in the Colo. Rockies this morning. With rain on the way in the Pacific NW. I just tuned up my SUV so all I need is some SNOW.
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