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A Day at Snowbasin

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Well, it appears that big brother did not approve of my earlier post. I would not have placed it here if I felt it had no merit. This time, I'll leave the name of that other evil forum out of the title.

Bicyclekick started a topic a few weeks ago regarding the great day some regular people on this board and the evil site had along with some very famous pros at Snowbasin.

This is the link to the videos of that day:

A Lovely Day at Snowbasin


Clicking on the above link and viewing the evil ski porn may cause blindness!

My deleted request to phUnk still stands. If you are around during the Utah Bears Gathering, I'd love to make some turns with you as long as I do not have to catch air.

Happy belated Birthday!
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Rusty, I with you agree that this looked to be an amazing day had by fellow maggots at Snowbasin, and think that it deserves a look. Looks like not only were conditions great, but some great skiers enjoying them, with some great footage shot at the same time. I wish I would have been there with them for the enjoyment, as the night at the bar the night before to watch Immersion with the stars. But ended up visiting the parents for the holidays.

phUnk, we have met at one of your partys which you were a great host. Thanks again, we should all try to get together again, this time for some turns at the end of Little Cottonwood. Beers should follow at Hog Wallow or Porcupine. Great skiing man!
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