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Anyone ever been to Ischgl Austria?

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Hi all,

My buddies and I are looking to expand our horizons and change our annual ski trip away from Whistler. A friend of a friend went to Ischgl and gave it rave reviews for both the skiing and, of course, the nightlife.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever been there and, if so, if you could provide some details.

Did you like it?

How was the skiing?

How was the terrain? (we are all advanced to expert)

Any good places to stay, eat etc....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
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Nope, but go to www.snowheads.com, register, and do a search. It seems very popular with the Brits. Based on what I've read, it's a place I'd like to experience.
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Skied there a couple of times with the family when staying further up the Paznaun Valley.

Not a good place for true experts, the runs are mostly flat and the place is overcrowded by gapers on holidays. Good apres and party spot though but bring enough cash - you gonna need it. For off-piste stuff you need to hike quite a bit for your turns since options within reach of the lifts are pretty limited. Samnaun on the Swiss side has good terrain right under the tram but it's avy-prone at times - stable snow pack required here.
An option is to hike up to the Heidelberger Hut and do some AT up there if that is your thing.

Overall St. Anton around the corner (one hour drive) is way better in terms of mere skiing.
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Yep, what powhog said. I did find quite a few challenging runs mostly due to the fact most Euros don't ski "off-piste" so anything un-groomed you have all to yourself!!! I think as a whole, the people are much friendly in Austria than the other countries I've skied across the pond.

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It's been 25 years since I've been there so any comments I could have about human-made conditions are outdated, but the terrain doesn't really change. I'd concur that given that you are going to the Alps, the expert terrain at Ischgl is pretty limited. There's a lot of big flat intermediate bowls (which when I was there, always had a 6-cat-pass stripe right down the middle, which everyone skied, while my brother and I took run after run through the nice powder on the sides). There was also some good opportunities for hiking up various peaks on the sides (we were young and stupid then, there might be a reason why no one else was doing THAT). The size of the resort is impressive. But we definitely found much better expert terrain at St Anton, and also at Davos/Klosters. (I'm hardly an Alps vet, that list is pretty much all of what I've seen.)
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