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Helmet Advise

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I am looking at getting my first helmet, ( I know a few years later then I should have) However I don't know where to begin? Any recomendations on what to look for? where to get them? I would like to keep it under a $100?
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Check out the What Helmet? thread for various opinions and other info.
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If you have an REI or Dick's or Sports Authority

in Cleveland, start there. Usually a bit cheaper and decent selection.

I'd try on a bunch of 'em to find one that fits right. Brand to brand and model to model , they fit much differently.....

If you really want to save some beans, find one you like there, then buy it on ebay or from the gear swap here.....
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if you live somewhere with big changes in temp, get one with on/off vents. besides that, one that fits well and you like the look of
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Fit & comfort are very important. If it doesn't feel right you won't wear it.
I love my Giro because it fits so well. The visor & vents were also important.
Money isn't your first objective. Buy the right helmet now & it will last a lifetime.
Try them on until you find the right helmet (at a shop)! Good Luck.
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I'll second the Giro comment. Bought mine a couple of years ago, it doesn't have closeable vents, however I find it warmer than anything else I've worn, so I would never have closed them anyways. Giro was the most comfortable for my head, but pretty much my whole family has helmets and Giro fits them all.
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From the gear FAQ:
Originally Posted by ssh
Helmets and Goggles

Helmets and goggles are paired here because they really must be considered together. Note: if you have children that you will be putting into ski school, it is almost certain that they will be required to wear helmets. Better a well-fitting one that you've gotten for them than the "hand-out" helmets that the ski school has. Anyway, first, helmets:

Helmets are, like ski boots, all about the fit. Try on a number of different helmets across multiple manufacturers to see which one "disappears" on your head. Try the different styles to determine whether or not you like to have the helmet cover your ears--either with the soft liner or the hard helmet.

Once you've found a helmet that works for you, find a pair of goggles that mate well with the helmet. Make sure that the helmet does not interfere with the airflow into and through the goggles (if it does, the goggles will likely fog up!).

Personally, I have found the goggles and helmets designed to work together perform exceptionally well. And they look pretty good, too!
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I agree with finding the right fit. I had a cheaper Giro, it didn't fit quite right and I only wore it on occasion. I then bought a better Giro it fits great and now I never ski without it. Here are some links to some good Giros on sale. I have the Fuse and think its the best I've ever tried on. My daughter uses the nine 9 and she seems to like it. I would try them on locally and then buy where its cheap. Unless you really have a shop that treats you right then get it from them. I don't have much alleigence to Sports Athuority or REI. So I try stuff on there and then buy where the price is right.
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