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Boots for Beginner

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Took my nephew out last spring for his first time---I have created a monster to say the least! With the season just around the corner I have a new best friend--funny how I didn't see him all summer......anyways, I am looking for suggestion on boots for this guy. He's itching to get skis but I think boots are first and foremost. Anyone agree? He is 14 years old, 4'9'', 85lbs and wears a street size 5 to 6. Yeah, he's small but he took to the slopes quickly. He was skiing blues(Loon Mt, NH) by the middle of his first and only day. So any suggestions on what boot to buy, what to look for, where to buy. Any and all infor/suggestions appreciated.
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You should look for a local boot fitter and talk to him/her

find out who the local ski race teams use and go to that store.

boots are SOOOO personal for fit it is impossible to recomend a boot over another one, Might be a nice boot for you, or your friend but it will not fit everyone, or work for everyone.
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You are sooooo right, mntlion

I hesitated in posting my question just for that reason. Boot fit is unique to the individual for sure. But then I thought, there is a ton of information to be gathered from this site and it's members so I figured it couldnt hurt to ask. Thanks for your race team suggestion, hadn't thought of that one.
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