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The games should go ahead.

Enjoy and embrace all comers. Cheer on all participants with your whole heart as they have all won just by making it to Olympic standard. Marvel at the skills on show and strive to emulate them.

The Sydney experience was amazing with an incredible feeling of genuine goodwill for all.

As we live in dangerous times be vigilant. Be part of the games but refuse to participate in press propaganda. That way the people own the show.

I predict between 1 & 3 medals for Australia.

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For unity reasons, I would definately like to see the games go ahead. Will I be there? No way. The two places in the world I'd avoid like the plague right now is the Middle East and the United States. Should Canada send a team down? Tough one... I'd like to see the decision left to individual atheletes. To wait another 4 years may be missing your prime for gold.
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As I understand the IOC will meet next week in SLC. This was a planned meeting, but one of the new topics is whether the Olympics should go as planned. According to one of the IOC members, it is a matter of definition if the Olympics will take place. The IOC follows what what they call "The Olympic Truce" and a country at war can not hold the Olympics according to these rules. So the issue is whether the US is at "war" by some sort of definition. It has been stated that President Bush has used the words that we are at "war". But one of the issues is that it has to be a "declared war", so it will be a matter of definition. There probably will be some interesting comments after the meeting next week.
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Please correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Berlin hold the Olympics while Hitler was invading countries?
And did he declare war? Look at the crap he did.
And what about the former Soviet Union,they held the games, even though some countries boycotted.
I say let the games go on, and those who don't feel comfortable, let them make thier minds up on whether or not to attend. The United States will not hold it against them.
Any group foolish enough to do something will have to answer not only to this country, but to other countries.

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Maybe the rules were changed because of Berlin?? Maybe Hitler stopped invading countries for that one year to hold his olympics?? Who knows?

And the U.S. is at war, not really much of a war though, much like a 250 pound football player beating on a 90 pound kid. So I guess if that's the rules theres no way to get around it...
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O.K. TR I will correct you. The summer olympics in question were held in 1936, 3 years before germany invaded poland. At the time of the olympics we are talking about germany was supporting one side in a civil war in spain, but not actually "at war".
The other note of interest was that Hitler used the 36 games to promote his version of the master race and prove that the aryan race was superior to to other nations. Not exactly the same reasoning that so many in this forum use to push forward that idea that the games "must be held" but close enough to give me pause.

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There is security on top of security here.
a few nervous folks aren't the ones driving.
see below.

Only World War Can Stop Winter Games, IOC Official Says
By Steve Keating

GENEVA (Reuters) - Nothing short of a World War would prevent the Salt Lake City Winter Games from being staged, International Olympic Committee (news - web sites) (IOC) director general Francois Carrard said on Tuesday.

Carrard's comments counter those made by Norwegian IOC member Gerhard Heiberg in the Aftenposten on Tuesday. Heiberg cast doubts on next year's Games proceeding if the United States is formally at war.

``The point is everyone is planning for the Games to be held, there is no plan B,'' Carrard told Reuters on Tuesday.

``If there was something like World War Three, with no traveling, no planes flying, a real full scale war, then we would have to see what happens,'' he said.

``There are no discussions to cancel the Games. If anything it is the exact opposite. Since the September 11 attacks we have had a wave of support. Everyone believes it is more necessary than ever for the Games to go ahead.''

Carrard travels to Salt Lake City for a co-ordination commission meeting next Monday to Wednesday.

``What Mr. Heiberg was probably referring to was that if there is a war -- and I'm not saying this is war -- the IOC is entitled to withdraw the Games. There is such a clause in the host city contract.

``But that is not the situation, there is absolutely no discussion or plan to cancel the Games.

``We have been in contact with the Salt Lake City organizer every day for the past couple of weeks, but Mr. Heiberg and the other members of the co-ordination commission might not be right up to date on the situation,'' he said.

Heiberg said the IOC's co-ordination committee would discuss whether the U.S.-led strikes on Afghanistan (news - web sites) should be defined as an armed conflict, a military operation, a fight against terrorism or war, when it meets next week.

``A country at war cannot organize the Olympics,'' Heiberg told the Aftenposten.

``According to the plan, the Olympics are going ahead on February 8...but the question of war and where to set the limit will be on the agenda for the co-ordination committee in a few days,'' Heiberg said.

The Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place from February 8-24

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Thanks for the correction.
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In the Summit County CO paper there is an article on Breckenridges’ marketing plan.

One of the comments is “There are only two places you don’t want to go this year, and that’s Disneyland and the Olympics.” This from the Mayor.

One strategy, "Ads — somewhat subliminal in nature — will show Breckenridge as a safe and secure haven, with people enjoying life without the worry of current international events."

Now I have already said that I would not go, but this seems opportunistic to say the least.

The entire article is at http://www.summitdaily.com/news/news_2_102401.html
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When you consistantly average 80% of your competitors snowfall, you would be opportunistic too.
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Hey TR no problem, I really didn't feel like I was correcting you as much as reminding people of the march of history. If we as a country have a weakness its our grasp of history and our role in its course.
On the other hand, what I think makes this country so great is to be able to get on a forum like this and freely discuss all points of view with no fear of that knock on the door in the middle of the night. Thanks again AC for the freedom to express ourselves no matter what the topic. Now lets go skiing!
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BSR, you are right about history. If we don't study it, we will repeat it. In the 1936 Olympics, Hitler did try to promote his Master Race. But thanks to a young Black American, James Cleveland Owens ("Jesse"), Hitler's master Race went down in a ball of flames. Let the world come to Utah, and let's enjoy the Games. :

I think we should all support the Olympics. Lets don't worry about the effort to root out terriorist. Remember none of use flow those planes into the WTC, The Pentagon, or that field in Penn. I'm the last person in the world, that wants to see our young people in a war. The things you see, are things that you can never forget. Try forgetting that you were talking and joking with a buddy , and the next moment you are trying to keep him from bleeding to death. War is something that none of you want to see. I fear for my son and my grandson. But damit, we didn't start this one. And the time comes when you have to stand up and stop the bully from beating up the little guy. If we don't stop Bin Ladin, he will just keep up the same old crap. :

OK, I'll get off my soapbox. Let all pray to ULLR for more snow and less war. I truly love to feel that feeling of the white stuff flying up in my face when I'm up to my a__ in the powder. Also TR & Lisamarie it is great to see some friendly faces. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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My friends that live in SLC are planning on vacationing in Hawaii during most of the Olympics...I'm tempted to offer to housesit for them.

To me it seems like such a great opportunity to see the Olympics in your own hometown but I guess not everyone sees it that way.

Hawaii or SLC? Hawaii or SLC? Which would you choose?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:
My friends that live in SLC are planning on vacationing in Hawaii during most of the Olympics...I'm tempted to offer to housesit for them.

Hey SS, if you don't offer to be housesitter then volunteer me! I would love to be there.
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