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GS ski recommendation?

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I am going to try GS recreational racing this winter and need some advice on which skis I should be looking at. I have skied for about 15 yrs, never raced am 5'11" and about 185. Oh, I would prefer not to break the bank either!

Any suggestions?

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If you go with a race stock ski, look for a 180ish ski from previous years. Rossignols are the softest, Volkls are a bit stiffer, Dynastars are sort of middle of the road, Head is getting up there and the big boys are Atomic, Fischer and Nordica. Which one you choose will come down to preference. But I would recommend a softer ski for someone starting out, especially at the tip. A 21 m + ski does not initiate turns that easily, and many people have trouble making them work at first. A softer ski can help it roll onto edge.

The other option would be a 180ish club racer GS ski, with a 17-19 m radius. This option would definitely be the easier way to go, and once you get used to the length, you can move onto a race stock. Look for models from Atomic, Fischer, Head and Volkl, although many good skis are out there.

The worst thing you could do is buy a ski that is too stiff, too long and too straight. That is a great way to blow an entire season with little progress made.

If you want a deal, I recommend putting some time into looking on ebay. That's about as cheap as it gets. You can get a lot of last season's GS skis for under $300.
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What he said...

...something like a 180 cm. GS 11M (19-meter sidecut) would work fine...
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You didn't say which kind of recreational racing.

For a NASTAR or beer league set where the hills are flatter and the courses are more of a hybrid of a GS and a slalom, I usually go with a 15-18M ski. Race carvers like the Atomic GS:9 or Fischer WC RC, or Supercross skis like the Atomic SX:11 are excellent examples of skis good for racing that can be used off the course as well. I've seen them on the feet of more than a few Masters racers as well, so they can handle the speed. They're great for skill development on small hills.

For a more serious set, like most Masters or USSA courses, you should probably look at race skis with a radius of 18M and up. I'd look for a GS ski with a soft, round flex so you're not beating yourself up while you're in the gates. Standard head height measurement should work- better to go too short in this case than too long. You don't need the latest and greatest, so shop around on eBay for the best deal. Junior racers usually dump last year's gear for next to nothing this time of year, so ou can usually find a good ski for not too much money. Do searches under downhill skiing for "gs" and "race" and you should find plenty to work with.
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