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Steamboat - Base area lockers

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Does anyone know if there will be lockers available for rent this season at the base of Steamboat? I've heard the resort is no longer renting them.
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racermom- wish I could help you; my recommendation is to contact Steamboat and ask them.
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The ski area is no longer managing the lockers... Sportstalker now rents them out (that locker space has been owned for awhile by sportstalker, the ski area was just renting the space and managing the lockers, but now stalker wants to use that space for other things). Contact Sportstalker, but they may already be sold-out.
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Not sure about lockers in the basement, but you can rent a large bin in Steamboat's own ski rental shop just around the corner from the information booth opposite the ticket windows. IIRC it was $2.00 per day, with unlimited access, and staffed by "cute" Aussie lads (according to my gf-she kept having to retrieve items that she "forgot"). You're wise to rent a locker or bin - after leaving our boot bags on top of the downstairs lockers for the past five or six years, her Transpack w/spare goggles, snow clogs, etc. was stolen last year. Yep, our fault, but an expensive, bitter lesson learned. We never leave anything unlocked/unattended at the Pocono hills we frequent-don't know why we thought Steamboat would be safer.
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Call the Sheraton at the base of the Gondi. On the ground level they used to have a ski/boot/gear check area run independently from the hotel and you rented space seasonally-weekly-daily etc. It's been a long time since I lived out there but it's worth a call.
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