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Now Berthoud!!!!

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I can not handle this. Every good thing in the ski industry is coming to an end.
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Unbelievable! Although it infuriates me that even with price wars in the west, New England season passes go from $800-1200.
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I have sent the reporter an email. I'd post it here, but I don't want to spend my time and money fighting a law suit.

Anyone out there who knows the real truth, what the people of Grand County have known since the Ciprianis landed in Colorado, please contact the reporter.

I'm sure Berthoud Pass could be operated at a profit - it's a valuable asset to front range skiers and skiers everywhere.
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Sad news about Berthoud - what a great area. C'mon SCSA, can't you give us non-locals some hints? I'm sure you could phrase your post in a manner that doesn't open you up for a lawsuit.
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This is seriously bad news. Berthoud is one of the best, most interesting, most challenging mountains around. Lots of good snow, steep, challenging, and amazing terrain, a great feel, wonderful people, close to Denver, and above all the best place to find freshies days after a storm. Its re-opening a few years back was the best news in Colorado skiing over the last decade. This closure will leave a gaping hole in the options available to the skiing public. What we need are more areas like Berthoud – not fewer.
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Send an email to the reporter!
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Close Sol Vista aka Silver Creek if you need to save money!

Wait, that place is for families who dump lots of dough on condos and food and rentals and dig spending their ski day on sleepy blue cruisers.

Will they allow hitching rides and hiking up for runs, the way things were before those lifts came back to life? Or will it be aprivate cat-only preserve closed to poaching?

I want to know more about this family as I have ties to the Fraser Valley and would much rather it remain a place for rocking skiing v. a flabby resort. Outside money looking for big profits creeps me out. There's enough resortification happening in Summit County and elsewhere.

My psuedo semi local 2 cents<FONT size="1">

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This is another sad example of the pathetic state of Colorado skiing. First, Copper Mountain transforms itself over the span of 2-3 years into another overcrowded, beginner focussed area, like Keystone or Brekenridge -- thanks Intrawest, or should I say Intraworst.

Now, Berthoud, one of the last great areas left is shutting down again. Granted it only had 2 lifts and it was small, but the terrain blew away anyplace in Colorado. It was like a mini Jackson Hole -- more dumps than any CO resort north of Wolf Creek, steep, no grooming and no crowds.

What do we have to look forward to...the city has plans to develop Winter Park...gee that will be great yet another Keystone/Breckenridge.

Colorado skiing, at least in the front range, is dead.
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I'm sad too. I didn't ski Berthoud until last year, but instantly fell in love. I was planning on a lot of days there this year. Have you written the Post?

I think you're a little tough on the rest of the scene though. I mean, are you really saying that ABasin doesn't have rippin terrain? What about ABowl, Cats, Over the Rainbow at Loveland?

And, I totally disagree on Copper. Far East and Too Much are some of the toughest bump runs anywhere. S lift rocks. Copper Bowl isn't steep but there's some interesting stuff back there. And Resolution lift is nothing but bump runs. Sure, Super Bee sucks and is tourist haven, but who skis there? I don't.

Now, I'm spoiled cuz I ski during the week, so I don't get the crowds...
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It sucks livin' in the land of capitalism, doesn't it? Well, I guess it's better than trying to ski in the Carpathians or the backside of the Himilayas... Either you can compete or you can't, survival of the fittest. Maybe you need to email more stash hunting ski hounds like all of us to increase the traffic. But I guess when the family's ailing airline is burning cash, something has to suffer...!
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Bah, don't worry about it. Berthoud will be back. When I lived in CO, they were open one year and closed the next; citing different reasons each time. Berthoud is like the terminator of ski areas. They'll be back.
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