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K2 baker and outlaw

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I recently posted in regards to various skis and vaguely mentioned the baker and outlaw. Im trying to figure out what is really different about these skis. Iv seen and played with the outlaw but not the baker. It appears that they both come out of the same mold (same sizes) and both share some of the same internal materials and features. K2 listed some features for one ski and not the other. They both use K2s MOD tech and metal laminate (new for baker this year).

My understanding is that the previous baker has been VERY soft where as this years has been stiffened. The outlaw is a relatively ridged ski - I understand that the integrated binding/plate system has a lot to do with that, not to mention other absent features. I do like the geometry and stability of the outlaw, but I can not use AT binding with that ski. Can I expect a similar ride from the Baker? How do flex patterns differentiate from alpine to tele skis? Would I even want to consider the baker with AT bindings? Am I out of my mind? Thanks yall!

The specs...

The Baker

Dimensions 124-88-111
Sidecut 15.0 progressive
Construction Titanal metal laminate
Sizes 167, 174, 181
Weight 1950g (174 cm)
Features Progressive sidecut, Mod Technology

Apache Outlaw

Dimensions 124/88/111
Radius 19m @174
Construction Titan Metal Laminate
Core Fir/Aspen
Features MOD Technology, MOD Monic, Progressive Sidecut, Triaxial Braided
Binding Options K2/Marker Piston M1 14.0 / 12.0


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K2 builds that ski for tele/ AT,'s probably ok with an AT binding. Seriously, it is an AT ski it will work well with an AT binding. It's an excellent choice for your stated ski desire. It would be way better than the Public Enemy you've mentioned.
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Originally Posted by VR6NH View Post
I Am I out of my mind?
Yes, you are out of your mind.

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You're right, last years Baker had no metal, and was in general a pretty shitty ski. This years ski should be much more like the outlaw. Maybe not as damp.
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